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After Streaking

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What happened after streaking


I stumbled upon this webpage and found myself recalling a wonderful experience that I had when I was much younger. I know that this is a bit long but it was such a hot experience.

It happened about 35 years ago, when I was about 15. I was working at a little dairy bar, you know a place that serves up Ice Cream sundaes, milk shakes, and things like that. It was about five miles from a state park on the way back into my hometown. The place got packed on Sundays with people stopping off for a quick lunch on the way out, or for dessert on a Sunday evening.

Anyway, it was early June and we were getting busier. The manager wanted to give the place a real cleaning before the summer got into full swing. He asked for a couple of volunteers to come in on a weeknight and really clean the place. I needed some extra money so I raised my hand. Much to my delight, the one busboy, a guy named Tommy, also agreed to work that night too. I had a major crush on him, sort of longish hair, big brown eyes, and a nice smile. And I speculated, a pretty nice looking tush. Little did I know that I was soon going to confirm my speculations on that particular item.

Tuesday night came, and the manager met us at the store. It was closed for the night for the cleaning project. He showed us what he wanted done, and soon realized that it would be a two night job. After we got started, he called the owner of the place and got his approval to close the next night as well.

Tommy and I set about cleaning all of the tables and chairs and then he started on the floor. The place had big plate glass windows that let the customers watch their ice cream being made, back in the big dairy plant behind the store.

We worked our butts off, making some jokes while we worked. Toward the end of the night, the manager asked Tommy if he would mind locking up (Tommy was the son of one of the other store managers) and he said sure. With that he left, and we continued working.

One of the things we had to do at the end of the night was to take out the crushed cartons from the supply room along with the trash from the day. Tommy usually did this alone, but he asked me to help. We had to gather up the boxes, and drag all of the stuff out of the back of the plant where the dumpster was located.

We went out the back door, across the lot where the milk delivery trucks were parked (told you it was along time ago). Now the dairy was located next to a little burger drive in place that had a softball field behind it. The field was dark since it was already later in the evening. The burger joint was still open, but only a few cars were parked in the back.

Tommy and I dumped the trash and we just stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the night air. He seemed like he wanted to ask me something, so I encouraged him.

'Emily, did you hear about all those college kids that have been streaking?' he said. It was 1974 and Streaking had been in the news. I had and found it a little scandalous and yet a little exciting at the same time.

I answered, 'Sure. That probably takes a lot of guts, don't you think?'

'I guess it does. I doubt anyone in this little town would even dare to try it.'

I did not know where this was headed, but plunged on ahead a bit. 'Oh, I suppose someone might try it, under the right circumstances.'

Tommy paused and looked at me for just a second, and I could almost hear his wheels turning.

'Do you think the circumstances might be right, right now?' he blurted out.

A boy was asking me to go streaking. A boy that I was already half in love with. We'd never even held hands, or kissed or anything. From out of God knows where, I replied,' Maybe they are.'

He motioned me to walk to the edge of the truck lot behind one of the trucks. We were standing in a shadow from the security light on the lot.

'Let's streak Jimmy's' he said, indicating the burger joint next door. 'We can undress here, cross the footbridge to the softball field, and then dash to the outfield, right behind the parking lot.' My mouth was drier than dust. I could only nod my agreement. I told him that I would undress on this side of the truck and that he should go to the other side and do the same. I wasn't ready for a boy to see me take off my clothes. Even though I knew that he was going to be seeing me in the nude in a few minutes anyway. Something about letting a boy see me taking off my bra and panties felt weird. But Tommy did as I asked.

I don't recall actually taking off my clothes, though it couldn't have taken long being summmer time. I leaned out around the truck, and saw Tommy doing the same thing. Our bare shoulders indicated to the other our state of readiness as well as undress. We shyly stepped out in front of the truck. I was seeing a boy naked for the first time. Moreover, a boy was seeing me in the nude for the first time. I remember how slender he was, and the muscles that he had were nice to look at. I couldn't help myself, and stared at his cock. It wasn't stiff or anything, but it looked very nice to this 15 year old girl. He had a small tuft of hair on top of his penis, but he wasn't very hairy anywhere else. Tommy got a good look at my adolescent body that night. Slender frame, with smallish B cup tits, little butt, and a little fan of hair at my crotch-not much in those days to trim. We didn't hide ourselves from each other.

He took my hand and led me across the corner of the lot, out into the open. I felt myself getting really warm in my pussy. It felt really strange with the air hitting my skin, parts of my body that had always been covered when I was outside. I was naked outdoors! We made our way to the bridge which came out on the ball field behind the one dugout. We snuck behind it and scouted the field. We could see a few people lounging behind the burger stand, leaning on their cars. A small creek ran between the stand and the field, with a fence along the outfield. Tommy suggested that we run along the left field line, along the outfield and then circle back around the backstop.

I remember watching his nice little tush as we jogged. I could feel my then barely B cup titties bouncing a little. We ran along the fence in the near dark, right by the people at the stand. I can remember them whooping and yelling. I was scared that they might try to follow us, but none did. We made it back to the backstop where we paused for a moment. Crouching down, we caught our breath. I was stunned, as I looked at Tommy's cock, it started to get stiff. In just a minute or so, it was pointed straight up and seemed to throb a little. I couldn't help myself, as I reached out and gently touched it. It still fascinates me to this day how a man's erection can be both hard and soft at the same time. I was intensely aware of how hot and wet my own genitals were. I thought I must be dripping down my thighs. I only touched him and then drew my hand back.

Much to my surprise, Tommy grunted and jerked a little. A rope of semen spat out from the end of his boner, and he grimaced a bit as he finished cumming, blasting out three or four more ropes, dripping his semen into the grass. He seemed embarrassed and couldn't look at me. In silence, we scurried back over the bridge to where our clothes lay. We both got dressed separately, and walked back into the dairy. I reached out to hold his hand as we walked. I knew that he was upset for what had happened.

I knew that I had to even the score a bit, and I knew that I needed something as well. As we got back into the store, I pulled him by the hand into the manager's office. I closed the door behind us and told him to stand by the desk and to just watch. I slowly took my clothes back off. When I had finally pushed my little flowered panties off, I stood back, and slowly began to finger myself. I rubbed my nipples until they were like knotted little pencil erasers. It didn't take long, and I felt the surge of my orgasm swell up. I remember moaning a bit, and thrusting my hips, as I stood there cumming in front of Tommy. I don't ever remember cumming before while I was standing up. When I calmed down, I walked slowly over to him, and kissed him on the cheek.

'Now, we're even. Nothing to be ashamed about.' I said softly. I got dressed again, and we locked the place up. He gave me a ride home, and we kissed in his car, a big old Chevy Impala in front of my house.

We dated for a long time, and almost seven years later, we got married. We are still married, and often recall the first time we ever saw each other naked and the first time we shared our orgasms. We repeated the streaking experience a couple of times later but streaking faded away. Nowadays, Tommy and I visit nudist resorts a few times a year. We still get turned on being nude in front of other people. But it is much safer than our first experience.



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