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After Spanking

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Jennifer (see link) wanted to hear stories of spanking related masturbation so here's mine


I grew up in a very liberal family in the 60s and 70s and spanking kinds was just not one of the things our family did. If we were ever bad the worst that happened was we got a 'good talking to.'

As I got into my teen I think like many boys my character changed and for a while I became a complete brat. In the way that nature conspires against you it also coincided with what I later realised was my Mum's menopause and for a few years she turned into a real bitch. Not a good combination for domestic harmony.

The trigger for this incident was smoking-but not how you might guess. My mother was a heavy smoker and my unusual act of rebellion was to become a sanctimonious anti-smoker. One day one of her friends was around and between the two of them they had turned out living room into a smoke filled hell for me. Being the knowing teenager I was I did not hesitate in telling them how disgusting they were being and what it was doing to my and their health. That was enough to trigger a complete rage in my mother like I had never seen before. She was actually shaking and she dragged me upstairs and locked me into her bedroom (the only one with a lock) and told me she would deal with me later and how I was not going to be allowed to spoil her time with her friend.

I don't really remember how long I was left there but it seemed like forever. I know I was meant to be being punished but after a while I got bored and started root around in draws to see what I might find. There was not really anything to get excited about but there were some frilly undies I had never seen Mum in and it seem strange to think of her wearing them. To me she had always been completely asexual so I could not imagine her in such things. These thoughts though were also oddly arousing and I remember getting hard. It was then I heard the noises downstairs of her friend leaving so I quickly hid everything back where I found it.

She burst into the room almost at once. Her rage still evident and proceeded to yell at me at the top of her voice. I was actually quite scared as I had never seen her like it before. Almost before I realised it she had grabbed me and had me over her knee. My trousers and under pants were pull down and she let loose on arse with her hand. It really stung but I quickly realised my cock had got as hard as it had ever been and my mind filled with images of her in that underwear.

I lost track of how many spanks I had but I do know I was extremely close to climaxing from a combination of that feeling, my cock rubbing on her and images in my mind. She probably finished just in time for me to avoid an accident.

She seemed to have worked off her anger and told me never to talk to her or her friends like that again and sent me to my room.

As I got there, there was only one thought in my mind: I had to cum. My arse hot and sore from the spanking I pulled off trousers and underwear and grabbed my cock. It took no time: I just came like a white fountain. It was possibly the most intense feeling in my whole life.

The spanking never happened again, or in fact was even mentioned but forever after it has had a place in my sexual memory and fantasies.

I hope Jennifer and others appreciated this story-it has certainly turned me on writing it!



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