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After School With the Maid

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I have been a reader of Solo Touch for over two years now, and I finally worked up the courage to post an experience I had with my families maid.

I am 19 now, but this took place when I was 17. I was a senior in high school, and I was in a program that allowed me to get out of school half day to go to work. On this particular day, I didn't have to work, so I went straight home from school. Now, our maid came every Friday, so I knew she would be there when I got home, but my plan was to get my workout clothes and head to the gym, so it wasn't a big deal. Now, I have to mention that I was attracted to our maid, who I will call 'M'. She was about 5'7, 150 lbs, nice round ass, full lips, and very nice, I'm guessing, C cup breasts, and she wasn't very tan (I have this thing for women who have very light skin). I used to fantasize from time to time about her and seeing her tits and feeling all over her body. She definitely made for some great masturbation material.

Anyway, when I came home that day, she was vacuuming and didn't hear me let myself in. She had her back turned to me, so I couldn't help but stop and stare at her beautiful ass. She was wearing sweatpants, and I could make out that she had a thong on that day, like she normally did. When she began to turn around, I stopped looking at her and continued walking past her like I had never stopped to admire her. When she saw me, she stopped the vacuum and we made small talk. After a few minutes of this, I continued walking towards my room, which was about 15 feet from where she was cleaning. When I got to my room, I realized that I had a hard on that really needed tending too. I couldn't believe how turned out I had become from just looking at her and talking to her. I knew that if I left now I wouldn't be able to focus at the gym, so I decided I could take a few minutes and crank something out. So I dropped my pants, faced the wall, and started jerking off furiously. I couldn't think of anything but her, and how badly I wanted to feel her touching me, and how badly I wanted to touch her. I was getting so turned on that I stripped completely nude, laid in my bed, and slowed my pace to make this last longer. Before I knew it I was breathing very heavily, and my rhythm was making the bed post hit the wall and make a pretty loud noise. Because of how loud I was, I stopped and listened to make sure that M didn't hear me. I got out of my bed, went to the door, and listened carefully. I didn't hear anything. I opened the door slightly and looked out, and I saw her dusting some furniture in our living room. I closed the door quietly and went back to my bed, almost completely limp. I lay there, continuing to think about her and her body, and within minutes I was hard as a rock again. I then began to stroke myself again, and I continued for about 10 minutes. Suddenly, I heard the door knob turn, and the door open.

'Oh, oh, I'm so sorry', she said.

She turned to leave, but I had to try and make the situation more comfortable, because I wanted her to stay.

'Wait', I said, 'It was my fault, I shouldn't have when you were in the house with me, I apologize'.

'No, I should have knocked', she started..

I stood up, still very hard, and pulled on my boxers and then my pants. I took a step closer to her.

'Look, its ok, I'm not embarrassed', I said. 'Can we just agree to not tell my mom about this?'

'I agree, lets just keep it between us, ok', she said.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, until she broke the silence.

'So what now', she asked, staring at my cock through my pants.

I knew I could not let this opportunity slip through the cracks, so I went along with it.

'I could use a little help', I said, nervous she would slap me, or worse.

'Come here', she said.

To my surprise, she was very open to this, and she obviously wanted this to go further. I stepped closer to her, so that I was within inches of her face. We were both breathing very heavily, and we stared into each others eyes. I moved first, and kissed her softly, and pulled back to see her reaction. It didn't take long after that, and we both went at each other like wild animals, kissing each other, and feeling all over our bodies.

My hands almost immediately found my way to her ass, which felt even greater than I could have imagined. Still kissing very passionately, my hands made my way up to her chest, and under her shirt, to her very large tits. Her nipples were very hard, and were standing at full attention. I stopped kissing her, lifted up her shirt, and exposed her to me completely. I moved my way down to her tits, and licked and sucked on her nipples, and she moaned with pleasure. She suddenly pulled me back up to her mouth, and we resumed kissing each other. While this was taking place, she began to grind herself against my now extremely hard cock. I was so turned on at this point, I couldn't believe any of what was happening.

Next thing I knew, we had found our way onto my bed, shredding our clothes on the way down. We layed on our sides, facing on another, her stroking my cock, and me rubbing her very wet and swollen pussy lips. She suddenly stopped kissing me, and looked very serious.

'Nobody can know about this, please', she asked.

'Nobody will ever find out', I replied.

'Lay back', I said.

She layed on her back, and my hand found its way back between her spread legs. She gave me a inviting look, so I helped myself. I used my thumb to rub her clit while I put my index and middle finger in and out of her wet pussy. She let out little moans of pleasure to let me know she was enjoying what I was doing. Before long, she was bucking her hips and grinding up against my hand and getting VERY loud. Then she let out one very long gasp and she came with three of my fingers up inside her. She finally settled back down, still breathing very heavily, and still with my fingers rubbing her pussy lips and clit.

She turned and looked at me, and said something that will ring in my head forever: 'Your turn'.

I rolled over onto my back and watched as she moved her way down to my waiting cock. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when when her hands touched me. She was incredibly gentle, but it was still incredibly hot. She paid extra attention to the head (I am circumcised) and she rubbed my balls while she stroked my shaft. She went slow at first, wanting to make me last longer, but soon her pace quickened. I moaned out loud numerous times to let her know how much I enjoyed what she was doing, and she liked to know she was doing a good job.

'Are you going to cum for me', she said.

'Oh ya...keep going...', I replied.

She spit in her palm and brought her hand back down to my cock and she stroked me very hard and very fast. I told her I was about to blow, and she just kept going faster and faster.

'I am going to cum', I screamed.

She moved her face right above my cock, and she stroked me until there was nothing left. I blew my load all over her face and tits, and she used her fingers to mop all of it up and bring it into her mouth. Everything that was left, she rubbed onto her skin, and it became obvious that she was a freak for cum.

After all of this was over, we laid in my bed together, talking, and feeling each other. This soon led to more petting, and more masturbation, which led to many more exciting things that I cannot say here, but it was truly a magical day. When it was all over, we talked about it, and decided that would be the last time we did this. It was special, but wrong. If that was wrong, then I don't want to be right. We did not have any other experiences like this for a while, but almost a year later I came home, and, well, we couldn't help ourselves. I am now off at school, but she still cleans our home on Fridays, and I can't wait to head back and see her again...



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