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After School Sneaking Pt 1

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I saw her walking in the hall. How I desired her. She never paid attention to me. I was the annoying seventh grader that only my few friends liked. She was the hot eighth grader who everyone loved. I had liked her since we met in fourth grade. She always had a beautiful face. But lately, she had grown a smoking hot body. Long, tan legs. Skinny, perfect waist. Small, pert breasts. Personally, I like them small. Better than huge ones that get in the way. I wanted to play with her virgin pussy so bad. But, like I said, she was popular and I was not.

The first encounter happened shortly after school started. I was fresh meat. I was walking down the hall, and she was waiting for a ride. 'Hey, how's it going' I said, trying to make conversation. 'good, I guess' she replied, hesitant to talk. I walked over to her. She was texting someone, and working on homework. 'Want some help' I asked. 'Think you can?' she asked. I took the math from her, and looked over it. After explaining the problems, she thanked me. 'When is your ride getting here?' I asked. 'Probably not till 5' she told me. 'my house is just down the road, and my parents are out for the night. Wanna hang out there?' looking around, she said 'Sure. Better than the empty school'

When we arrived, I asked her if she wanted a soda or something. She politely declined. We started talking, and she told me that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. I patted her on the back, and told her I was sorry. 'Oh, it's ok. He was a jerk anyways. Always trying to get in my pants.' I was shocked. She always seemed like a good girl. Popular, but good. 'Really?' I asked astonished 'did he ever succeed?' 'No, but we made out. I don't know that we should be talking about this' 'Its ok, I won't tell anyone. So...you know, I've always had a crush on you' trying to turn the subject. 'Really?' she asked 'I've always thought that you thought I was a bitch.' 'Nope, I have since fourth grade' I responded. We started talking, and it turned sexual. She noticed I had a boner. 'Want me to take care of that?' she asked. I was lost for words. But she noticed it was 4:45. 'I've got to go, sorry.' she kissed me on the cheek, and rushed out. I was amazed. My fantasies coming true.

The next day, she admitted that she wanted to start dating. We were officially a couple. I was loving it. We ate lunch together, and sat together during first period. She would hug me, and part ways. Every day after school, she would come over. Nothing sexual would happen, but I would always jack off as soon as she left. Finally, on the second week of dating we started to progress. When she came over, I was ultra horny. She looked down, and asked if I wanted a little boost for later. I was confused, but said ok. She went off to the bathroom, and came back with a dirty pair of bikini panties. 'Here you go, have fun' she said. I nearly came right there. I was the happiest I had ever been. I used those panties till senior year, high school.

The end of the first month of dating was pretty boring for me. We had progressed to making out, but I was getting blue balls everyday. After school, she came over and we started kissing. She started to breathe heavier, and I asked what was wrong. 'Oh, nothing. My jeans were pressing against my clit and it felt amazing' she told me. 'Well I can give you the same effect' I told her. I slowly un-zipped her jeans. She let me get that far. 'We won't have sex, will we? Cause I can't get preggers before volleyball' she said. 'Ok. No sex. Besides, we're to young for that' I said. I continued, and slipped off her jeans.

She was wearing a sexy red lace thong. It was beautiful. I slipped her shirt off her, and got to see an amazing set of little titties. Her bra matched the thong. I was speechless. 'You like it?' she said. 'Do I ever! Where did you get those?' I asked. My older sister gave them to me' she told me. By this time, she was sitting on my lap. I stripped down to my boxers, and was fully erect. She gasped at my dick pointing out from my boxers. 'Geeze; that's big' she said. 'Yeah, and mine is on the smaller side' I told her. I started to rub her clit through the thong. 'Oh yeah, that's great' she moaned. I took off the bra and started to suck her nipples. By this time, I was starting to finger her. She wasn't a virgin, I later found out, because all the sports she did stretched and popped her cherry. But she was tight. I barely had two fingers in. Suddenly, she started to get vigorous. 'Yes! Yes!' she screamed 'finger fuck me! Oh yeah!' I was enjoying this very much. Then her little vagina clamped down and she became rigid. 'Holy shit!' screamed. She came, once, twice, and a third time. She fell into my arms panting. 'That was amazing' she said 'better than I do with my fingers. Now, it's your turn...



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