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After School Outside

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So horny


Well this day was particularly tough as a horny boy. I had to take the bus to school and it was great, I got to sit with my sexy neighbor who was a 17 year old not skinny but not fat, great set of tits. Well anyway she was wearing a low cut top and I got to just stare the whole bumpy road trip as her boobs bouncing around getting me a little hard, I caught her glancing at me down there at a stop light and could see her face blush red.

Well anyway I had a regular day in school but couldn't get her tits out of my mind so during my second to last class I asked for the bathroom pass to take care of my problem. I got to the bathroom and even before I got into the stall I had my dick in my hand pumping away. I felt so horny right there my toes were curling and I was breathing heavy real into it when all of a sudden I hear a group of janitors come in to fix one of the sinks so I stuffed my cock back in my pants and went back to class worse than when I left.

My next class was worse, the girl sitting across from me was wearing a short skirt and I could pretty much see her entire pussy from my viewpoint so for the next hour I just acted like I was reading a book while staring at her pussy and rubbing my dick through my pants. She must have been texting her boyfriend or something cause she would rub her ass back and forth every time she got a text and could clearly see her panties getting a little moist. Oh my God I'm so horny by this point I can't wait to get home and explode but I forgot about the bus.

So there I was same position as the morning except I kept absentmindedly touching my throbbing hard on and I know she was getting turned on by watching me cause I could see her nipples were rock hard. While getting off the bus at our stop she got out of the seat first and I was directly behind her as she stopped short on purpose I guess, and my dick came into contact with her panty covered pussy which felt so warm even through my pants. Apparently she dropped her pen and was looking for it all the while my dick was right into contact with her and she was wiggling back and forth looking for this pen.

We went our seperate ways off the bus and I was so hard when I got home before I realized that I lost my keys and was locked out for at least an hour and I remember that there was a little patch of bushes between my house and her house that I usually use to pee when the bathroom is occupied, but I figured why not cum out here. This is when my sexy ass neighbor came outside walked right up to me and said the horniest thing ever to me. She told me I made her pussy so wet that as soon as she walked inside her house she fingered herself without taking off her panties and she wanted me to have them as a thankyou but also wanted them back.

What she didn't tell me is that she could squirt and her panties were drenched and sticky. She then kissed me on the cheek turns around and goes home. I finally got to my bush put her panties to my face and jacked so hard and when I came I came right into her panty crotch best come ever. I felt my balls tighten up and just came and came and came. I knocked on her door and handed her now extra wet sticky warm panties and she said thank you. I needed a pair of panties since she was riding her bike to the store and to my amazement she pulled those wet panties up her legs leaving little wet streaks as she pulled them up her legs said that feels nice hopped on her bike, rubbed the crotch back and forth on the seat and rode away. Needless to say I jacked off right then and there on her porch. Let me know if any of you readers has a pair of panties I can cum in for them.



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