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After-School Jacking

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By the age of 15, I had done two to three years of regular solo jacking and had several girlfriends, but we'd never gone farther than kissing and 'light' touching.

I was a member of the marching band in high school and we often went to competitions around the area. A few times, we had overnights, usually staying at local high school gyms.

In the fall of my 15th year, we went to a competition up-state. My girlfriend played the flute and her name was Gina. We had dated for a couple of months. I found her hot! All we'd done was kiss. Since neither of us could drive, we were seldom alone. I figured we would have a little alone time - especially away from our parents. It was better than I ever imagined.

The guys stayed in the gym, and the girls slept in a nearby large classroom at a high school. We were chaperoned and promptly at 10 p.m., the doors were shut and the guys and girls were separated.

On the second night, the chaperones had a meeting about 10:30 p.m. Four of us guys decided to try to sneak out and see our 'girls.' It was surprisingly easy! We walked right into the girls area. Most of the girls didn't even realize we were there - some were playing games, talking, etc. The music was blaring.

Anyway, the four of us were able to get our girlfriends out into the adjoining hall. We all talked for a few minutes, until one of the guys suggested we sneak out the door.

We crept out and into our school bus. We each took a seat with our girlfriend. Gina and I were in the middle seats and we noticed one of the couples already making out. Gina and I started kissing. Then I heard one of the girls say something like, 'It's hard already.'

Then I heard a zipper and a rustling. This was followed by a moaning and an 'Awwww.'

It was one of the girls jacking off her boyfriend. I was embarrassed. I heard a second couple laughing. They then got very quiet and I heard a zipping and a rustling; Another jack off.

I was hard as a rock, but had never had sex or even had a girl touch my penis. Gina began kissing my neck and she must have been somewhat experienced in giving hand-jobs, because she began rubbing my chest. Her hands were under my tee shirt and circling my nipples in no time. This, coupled with sounds of kissing and hand jacking going on in the bus, drove me crazy.

Gina then quietly whispered, 'Unzip yourself and I'll do you, too.'

My mouth dropped open. By this time, I was boldly rubbing her breasts through her bra. I stopped and looked around. One couple was obviously finished, but they were in the back of the bus still kissing. The others were all jacking and maybe jilling; I'm not sure.

It was very dark, but moans were coming from all directions. I was embarrassed that someone might see me, but without thinking, I immediately unzipped. Gina's hands were right behind me. She went right for my dick. Her hand slipped through my boxers and she was rubbing me fiercely.

I stopped her and said, 'Wait!'

I, then, quietly pulled my underwear and jeans down to my knees and let her start again. I came in a few seconds. It was quick, but it felt good. We remained there for a couple more minutes, then all of us plowed out of the bus and snuck back in to the school.

I was wet with cum and headed right to the shower. So did the other guys. I think everyone wondered why. As we stripped in the communal shower, I still had a hard-on. As I looked over at a couple of the other guys, they did too. I think it was the first time for all of us. We were too inexperienced to make the orgasm last. I jacked myself off many times to the memory of Gina.



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