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After School Fun With.....

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Well, I am going to say this, I have been masturbating since i was about 6 years old and i havent stopped yet. It is utterly addicting. When i am at school all day i get so horny becuase i know i am going to go home to an empty house. I hurry upstairs to my room which is in perfect view of the drive way so i can put all my stuff away before my parents walk through the door. i get out my 'dirty tapes' and my vibrator (which is baby blue by the way) and just have a couple of hours of rubbing my body, rubbing my clit, and touching my erect nipples and swimming in my cum.
Well on to my story now, I have this chick friend that i just met at the beginning of the school year. Her name is Summer and she is the same age as me. In fact her birthday is 1 month and 3 days after mine. We have lots of classes together and especially PE. You all know what I mean! When she undresses in front of me, i can feel my pussy get all wet and hot, i just want to touch it. She has caught me a couple of times lookin at her, and i know she likes it because she rubs her body and her ass while she is standing there. So this one day after PE i asked her if she wanted to come over to my house and watch movies and eat dinner with me. I knew my parents where going to be gone for most of the night, so it was worth a shot. She totally was excited. So after school we met up and walked to my house together. When we got there i showed her around my house and she was anxious to get to my room. So we get up there and she just lays on my bed and starts asking me a bunch of questions about sex and masturbating, I was kinda shocked that she would ask me those sorts of questions, like 'how often do i masturbate' but at the same time i was excited that she did. I sat down in the chair and put my legs up on the side of the bed and she gets up and looks at me and asks me 'have you ever licked a pussy before?' I said no, but i wouldnt turn it down. So she starts rubbing my legs and slowly opens my legs up. She tells me that she wants to taste my pussy. I was so excited that she even had the same intentions as i did. So she takes of my panties and starts kissing the inside of my thighs. I had on a skirt that day so this was perfect. She pushes me back into my chair starts kissing my pussy! I was sooo wet and horny i couldnt help myself. I started talkin dirty to her, 'lick my pussy, let me feel your tounge all around it, suck on my clit' i looked down and i can see her humping my PILLOW! she had soft hands and a nice tounge. she finger fucked me a couple of times. i could feel my pussy throbing and wanting to cum, but she kept me waiting and wanting more of her sweet little tounge. She tells me to play with her nipples so i reached down and started touching and squeezing and playing. She starts humping my pillow harder. she starts going at my wet pussy more with her tounge, and slips her fingers into my pussy hole. and starts finger fucking me while she is licking my pussy...i can feel it right now as i sit here, i was so excited i can feel my pussy throb and throb. Shes telling me to cum all over her face, and i just throw my hips up and lay back into the chair and she is licking faster and fuckin me faster with her fingers, and my pussy just squirted all over her face. my pussy exploded with pleasure and that was the first time i came that fast and hard. I wanted so bad to lick her pussy now. It was my first time to ever see a pussy right in front of my face i was so excited. i didnt even hesitate to start licking her pussy. I watched her move her tounge around my pussy, so i did the same. she is a loud one becuase when i starting licking her pussy lips and kissing her clit she starts moaning LOUD! it made me want to cum again. i put my fingers inside her pussy and she squeezed her hips together with my head in between her legs licking and sucking and fucking and it didnt take her long to cum all over my face. I enjoyed the taste of her pussy juices and i couldnt help but smell it. it was the most beautiful smell in the world. she brought my head up to hers and we started kissing eachother. I tasted my pussy on her lips. I was between her legs and she starts humping me. I reached below my pillow and pulled out my baby blue vibrator, turned it on and put it between our pussys so we both could feel it. We started humping and kissing harder and faster and we both came AGAIN! we just layed in my bed holding on to eachother and kissing and exploring eachother. I would have to say that after school fun with Summer was the best time of my life.



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