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After Piercings

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I've been masturbating since about age 14. It took me a while to do it right, as I was pretty sheltered and was sort of learning by accident for most of it. Once I got into adulthood, I would masturbate regularly, especially after a long term relationship ended. When you're used to getting action every few days, you realize very quickly that you will have to make do without another person.

Up until a few weeks ago, I found masturbation to be almost a chore. I could tell every few days that it needed to happen because I would find myself getting aroused for no reason or fantasizing about sex all day to the point of distraction. When this was the case, I would go home, read some stories or watch some videos, and use my vibrator until I came. Maybe if I was really bored, I'd force another orgasm, but it wasn't usually with much enthusiasm.

Well, two weeks ago, I decided to get my nipples pierced. I had wanted to for a while, but had to wait to work up the courage. Two friends, we'll call them Trevor and Jamie, came with me. Jamie is my roommate and she was there for moral support. Trevor is a good friend, almost a brother, who wants to become a piercer, so he asked if he could watch for his own education. I never thought getting my nipples pierced would result in arousal, but something about having my breasts out (which my roommate later commented on how large they are at 40DD) with people watching them turned me on. The actual pain of the piercing was less than erotic for me, but the build up was awesome.

I was told I needed to wait two weeks until I could play with the piercings and I dutifully did so. On day 15, though, I waited until everyone in my house was sleeping (I tend to make noise when I cum) and then immediately got undressed. In a mirror, I appreciated my nipples and their jewellry. The little barbells made my nipples almost constantly hard, which I liked because my nipples have always been very small in proportion to my large breasts. I began rubbing my left nipple and the sensitivity was amazing. I felt my female juices already starting to flow.

Something I feel inclined to add at this point is that I've never been a huge fan of nipple stimulation. Usually when a boy sucked on them, I felt more pain than pleasure and rubbing them usually didn't do a whole lot. This was crazy in comparison! I flicked them both back and forth, and probably could have cum right there if I had done it long enough.

I took a seat, and while continuing to rub my left breast, I began to gently finger the hood of my clit. I can't take direct pressure on the clit itself or it's really painful, so I usually massage it through the hood. With the nipple play, I came almost immediately, making sure not to moan, but stick with gasping instead. I was still pretty turned on, so I decided to use my mouth this time.

I lifted my right breast until the nipple was about a half an inch from my mouth. I began licking my nipple. Every time my tongue nudged the piercing, I felt my vagina throb, so I stuck two fingers inside to keep it quiet. I licked my nipple for a minute or so and then I couldn't help it anymore. My fingers were now moving in and out of my vagina feverishly as I sucked hungrily on my right breast. This time when I came, I couldn't help but let out a little whimper.

Needless to say, since then, I've masturbated every day always with a lot of breast play involved. Now I just need to find a man to really give these things a test drive!



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