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After Phys Ed. Today

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Hey all, just thought I'd share an event that just occurred today. It happened during phys ed class, of all the places.

The bell had rung, so all us girls who were in the change room rushed out and upstairs to the gym for class. After teach did the attendance she said 'Alright, today we are going to do two things, one being your fitness tests and the other being some aerobic/gymnastic stuff.'

I paired up with my best friend Kate for the fitness tests and we just stayed partners all class. After the testing was finished, we all grabbed mats, sat on them and stretched. I don't know if it was just from the blood rushing through me from the testing or from being close enough to a couple of the other girls and from the way they sat, seeing right up their shorts, but I was very wet and horny. Whatever made me that way, I was! Kate whispered to me that she was also feeling horny and said that she wanted to have a jill before going to her next class. I admitted the same.

One of the gymnastic things that our teach had us doing, was running and jumping over the sawhorse. I will admit I am terrible when it comes to gymnastics and each of my three attempts ended with my legs and crotch hitting the sawhorse. After the first time I was mad, but when I did it the second time I felt a weird tingle down there. The third time I messed up totally, so wound up by falling right over the damn thing and embarrassing myself.

Maybe it was the tingle I felt before, but I was determined to do it over and over until I made it over at least once. So, after class I stayed in the gym and did it a couple times. One time I purposely let my lower body slide over the bar and oh my, it felt good down in my crotch. I did it a few more times and the feeling increased each time. I told myself to run at the bar one last time and to just flip my leg over it so I was sitting on it. I did, so was able to slide my very wet crotch up and down the bar. Oh my god I felt the big O starting, so I kept doing it until it started and I came.

I guess I had flipped into a fantasy world or whatever and was out of it when I was startled back into reality by Kate's voice saying, 'Oh, so

you couldn't wait 'til you got downstairs to get off, huh?' I looked over and she was smiling, so I asked how long she had been there.

I jumped off and we ran back downstairs to the change room. We were the only two in the room and as we got out of our gym things we talked. Kate admitted that seeing me had made her horny again, so she started to rub herself and finger herself. I did the same and we each had orgasms before we went and showered.

As we left the change room our teach was in the hall and said, 'My my, shouldn't the two of you be in maths right now?' She gave us both the weirdest look and then a smile with a wink. As we ran to Maths, which we were late for, Kate said, 'Hey, ya think she knew what we were doing?'

I said, 'I don't know, you could always ask her!'

Well, that was my fun for the day. I hope you liked it and will enjoy sharing your similar experiences!



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