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After My First Ever Cum

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Well someone asked what happened next....I'll tell you if you like


So my BFF... Lets call her Laura..not her name but I don't want to embarrass her., had promised to show me what happened after a fuck, I didn't see how she could possibly do this, but one Sunday, I was round at her place. Her mum was out for the afternoon and she had invited her boyfriend round. Laura told me to come exactly at 3:00pm. Not a second earlier. She also told me just to come in..not to knock.

So I turned up, pushed the back door open and found a note on the table. "Lock the door, come to my room, burn the note" Laura's parents had one of those huge old iron cooker things.... Anyway, it's always burning so I dropped the note in and walked upstairs.

Laura was in her bedroom which smelled really strong of sex. Laura herself was under the covers. She said "you sure you still wanna see?" I knew! She had just fucked her boyfriend, my mouth was dry and my heart pounded as I bonded like some dumbass.

Laura pulled her duvet off onto the floor. She was stark naked and then she spread her legs, lifting her knees up at the same time. I stared between her legs. Her cunt looked swollen, red and there was a white milky fluid running out of her. She told me that was her boyfriends sperm. I asked loads of crap questions like did it hurt. Why does she look swollen.

Laura said that when he was really going for it yeah, it did hurt, but it was a nice kinda hurt. All the time I was inching closer. I could now smell it. Sperm. Tangy, almost metallic, oh I don't know. Then I just well, reached out and touched her. Of course she was so wet my finger slipped right inside her. I lulled it out almost immediately and got my first taste of sperm, but also of her too.

I just looked into her eyes and then put my hand back between her legs.

The next hour or so was a blur. Laura reached between my legs and touched my knickers, I spread my legs and in no time we were naked together in her bed. Kissing, touching, sucking, but the things remember most of all was Laura was the first person to make me cum other than myself. It's different to give your body over like that. I was scared I would squirt or worse, pee. Laura didn't mind, it seems, because during that hour I did both, and so did she.

We were totally wet through by the time we finished, and so was the bed.

After though, I got really really scared. Laura had been fucking and had fresh sperm up her. If some had got inside me I could get pregnant. The following ten days were not easy and as my period got closer....and there were no signs of it...no sore boobs...no crankiness... I was really scared. In the end I came on three days late. Phew!

Laura and I did a lot of stuff together, and we did it in some unusual places too.



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