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After My First

Author: Age: 15 (then) Posted on: 2 comments
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My first orgasm was incredible. What happened after was even better.


I laid my head on my boy friends chest as I tried to catch my breath after my first ever orgasm. He held me in his arms and gently kissed and stroked my hair. It felt wonderful cuddling naked with the boy I loved and feeling our skin against each other.

After about 15 minutes, he pulled me on top of him and started kissing me and running his fingers down my back, from my neck to the crack of my butt. He kept doing this, sending shivers thru me and forcing me to grind against him. He then rolled me over and moved his lips to my small but sensitive boobs; licking and sucking on my nipples for a long time. He never rushed. He did that over and over, making my nipples stick out as far from my chest as possible. I was softly moaning as the feelings were starting to build inside me.

He then moved his fingers slowly and teasingly between my belly button and slit, drawing that line back and forth, again and again, until all I could think about was him touching me between my legs. As if reading my mind, his fingers found my clit and very gently starting rubbing it up and down. My hips started to thrust from the bed to meet his finger, but he stopped and I groaned in disappointment, until he slid his middle finger inside my sopping wet vagina. This also was new to me and it felt weird at first, until he hit what I now realize was my g spot.

I thought I would go crazy as he rubbed and caressed that sensitive spot inside my vagina. I reached for his penis and found it hard and throbbing with desire. That only increased my excitement as I started mumbling incoherent sounds. I was beside myself with excitement, as intense as before but also different. Where as before, my whole world was centered in the tiny area of my clit, this was a fuller feeling, my whole lower body was being stimulated and I felt it deep inside.

This time I knew that my orgasm was building but I just couldn't get over that hump. I was thrusting and moving my hips in all directions, jerking his hard cock at the same time. Then he slid his thumb over my clit and my world exploded. Screams and gyrations of pleasure overtook me as my pussy clamped down on his finger, trapping it inside me. But he didn't let me calm down. He stopped the movements of his finger, but kept moving his thumb over my clit sending different but equally pleasurable sensations thru me.

I jerked him faster, unaware of anything other than the feelings going thru my body when I felt his cock jerk and heard him groan as his orgasm hit. I felt his cum splash against my stomach and boobs. That sent me over the edge again, and I screamed his name, collapsing against him as wave after wave shook me to my core. He held me tight and kissed me, caressing my back as my whole body shook and aftershocks ripped thru me.

Finally I stopped and he looked deep into my eyes and told me again that he loved me. But he didn't have to say it, I felt it and saw it in his eyes. After that, we cleaned up and fell asleep.

He and I dated for another 15 months before we actually had sex. But he never pushed or asked for more than I was ready to give. That's what makes him so special. Eight years later, we are engaged and still have these mutual masturbation sessions several times a week. And they are just as amazing as they were back then.



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