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After Marching Band

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Me and my friends.


My name is Diane and I play the flute in my high school band. Catherine, Krista, and Heather also play the flute and we all became good friends over the marching band season.

One night we had a late practice made even longer by the flute section leader forcing us to stay after to work on our music. The rest of the band had left and we were all sitting on the football field practicing. Heather, our section leader, decided we had worked hard enough and were done, but if we wanted to stay after we could relax with her. The rest of the section except for me, Krista, and Catherine left. We decided to see what Heather was up to. She got straight to the point and asked if we wanted to play truth or dare. We agreed.

As the game went on, it became more and more 'interesting'. That was, until Catherine asked us if we ever masturbated. We all admitted rather sheepishly, and then Krista asked us all if we had ever masturbated with our flutes. None of us had. She then proceeded to dare us to try it. No one wanted to and then Heather said she would do it as she was already horny, but only if everybody else would masturbate nude, with or without their flutes, so she wouldn't feel singled out. Everyone else agreed, as we were horny as well.

We decided we probably shouldn't do this out in the football field so we walked over to Heather's house, where we were going to spend the night at anyway. Fortunately, her parents were at a party and weren't expected home until early in the morning.

We dumped off our bags in Heather's living room and then sat on the couch, not sure what to do next.

I guess I should describe all of the girls now. Heather is about 5' 4' with long blonde hair, a nice looking face, and rather small breasts (I think 32A). Catherine is about 5' 5' with long blonde hair, a pretty face, and about 36 B breasts. Krista is considered hot by all guys and has long blonde hair (again!), a gorgeous face, and about 34C bra size. I am 5' 2', with long black hair, and a 32B bra size.

Heather said, 'Okay now or never I guess,' and pulled off her shirt and bra revealing her small but perfect breasts. Krista followed, then Catherine, and then me being the shyest of the group (imagine that!). Sitting there with all four of us topless I guess I realized it was time and I pulled down my shorts and panties. Soon we were all sitting there kind of nervous completely naked.

My pussy (I can't stand saying vagina) was nice and wet by now and I desperately wanted to stroke it but was too scared. I think the other girls felt the same way and the awkwardness continued. Suddenly Krista leaned over and kissed Catherine. 'I always found you attractive,' she said. This broke the ice and I also admitted to having found all four of them attractive. Almost immediately my hand dropped to my pussy and I began slowly rubbing closing my eyes and savoring the moment.

Suddenly another hand was pushing mine out of the way and I opened my eyes to find Krista kissing me and moving her hand expertly against my aching mound. Moaning softly, I laid back on the couch in ecstasy. Catherine and Heather then began massage my breasts. After all of this, it was but a few minutes until I had my first real intense orgasm. I felt it building up in me like a wave and then it exploded out for what must have been half a minute causing me to groan with joy.

After the experience we next moved to Krista and I, wanting to return the favor, began massaging her pussy. Focusing on her clitoris but occasionally using my fingers to penetrate her. She also came quickly dribbling all over my hand. We did the same to Catherine and then it was Heather's turn to use the flute.

By now I had grown wet again and was looking forward to watching Heather. Watching her move her head joint in and out of her soaking pussy was too much and I decided to try it as well. Inserting it into my sopping wet pussy was a little painful at first but soon became the most amazing feeling I have ever had. The ridges of the lip plate stimulated me perfectly and the cold metal felt wonderful. I soon broke into my second orgasm, far more intense, and yelled with pleasure. Opening my eyes, I saw Heather had also just climaxed and Krista and Catherine were doing the same and were almost there.

In short this was an amazing night and I'm happy to say was not alone in it's masturbational wonders, but that's another story.



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