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After Hours with a Co-Worker

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This is the story of how my co-worker and I exchanged texts and things got a little out of hand. Some words may have changed as I have deleted those texts, and am working from memory. Her name was also changed to protect identities.


I met "Nav" about three years ago when I switched departments at my job. We all work in cubicles, and hers is across the aisle from mine, and one cubicle down. So, on my first day at that particular position, my supervisor showed me around, and introduced me to everyone. To be honest, I saw so many people that day, that she didn't really jump out at me as someone overly attractive.

However, over the next few days, and after speaking with her more, my opinion changed dramatically. Nav is a fair-skinned East Indian woman, I'd estimate in her late 30s or early 40s...about 5-10 years older than me, though I have never asked her her age so I don't know for sure. She's got straight shiny black hair down to her shoulders, a very pretty face, brown eyes, and a hot little body. I wouldn't say she is skinny, but has curves. Her breasts would be a large B or a small C, and she's got an ass that has haunted my masturbation fantasies ever since. I could definitely get behind it...again and again.

She's fairly short. I'm 6'3" and I'd say she's a good 12-14 inches shorter than me. Her voice is a little husky, though not deep. She has an Indian accent, but not overly strong. She'll tend to dress somewhat conservatively, though not always. I've seen her at work in a summer dress and couldn't get her out of my mind for the rest of the day. I'm Caucasian, for what it's worth. I would say we have become friends. We don't have a whole lot in common. We're both married. She has kids, I don't. But we just enjoy each other's company. We haven't socialized outside of work, but talk quite often, sharing stories about family, life, and whatnot. She's since gotten my cell number, usually for work purposes, but we've just chatted before.

Sometimes we go grab coffee from our cafeteria together. It's usually this time that I'll be bold and see if I can peek down her shirt. Usually, she's not showing anything, but every so often when the moon and sun are aligned, I can see some cleavage. I try to be as subtle as possible, but I assume she must have noticed at some point over the last three years. In fact, a few months ago, she did.

We were both working late. I was testing our phones after a software patch was implemented and she was working on a software implementation of her own. As far as I know, we were the only ones on our floor. So I'm plugging away at my work, and I get a text message. It's from Nav. It says: "I've been debating with myself whether to send this to you or not, I don't want to make a deal out of it, but were you staring at my chest this afternoon?" Oh shit, I was busted. I was under the assumption that any sexual feelings were one sided. And really, mine were just fantasy. A few wanks here and there, but nothing I ever intended on acting upon. So I assumed this was the worst case scenario, and this would make things very awkward between us.

She had been wearing a summer dress with a neck that tended to puff out a little. I had attempted a peek earlier. I responded, hoping to diffuse a potential situation: "Oh god, I'm so sorry Nav. I didn't mean anything by it, I swear." I hit send, and waited. My face was red, my heart was beating, but she was in her cubicle so she couldn't see me. She replied: "No, it's ok, really. I don't mind. I just wanted to be sure." I sent back: "Well, regardless, I won't do it again." No response came after that. I assumed that it was over.

I got back to work. I wanted out of this embarrassing situation as soon as possible. Neither one of us spoke. Then, maybe 20 minutes later, I received another text from her: "I know this will sound crazy, but I think I want you to peek. It makes me feel sexy. I don't feel sexy often." I honestly didn't know how to take that. I responded: "Nav, I know this is probably very inappropriate, but you are definitely very sexy. I have thought so for a long time." She came back: "I had a feeling you did. This isn't the first time I've noticed you staring. And I'd be lying if I said I hadn't stared back from time to time."

I honestly didn't know what to say at this point. But then I heard some heavy breathing coming from her cubicle. Was she masturbating?? I sent her a text: "Wait! Are you....?" She responded: "Yes..." Then I heard footsteps. And there she was, at the entrance to my cubicle. Other than her flushed features, I wouldn't have been able to tell anything was out of order. Except that she was holding her panties in her hand. I could tell she was nervous when she said: "I could use some help." And she tossed her panties onto my lap. All I could do was nod.

She came closer, and said "You don't have to do this if you don't want to." I said that I did want to. At this point, the front of my pants were standing at attention. She stared at it, and smiled. Then she came over, picked up the panties, and held them up to my face. The smell was more than I could take. I pulled her towards me. She straddled my leg, and proceeded to rub my cock through my pants.

I lifted her dress until I could see her very hairy and very wet pussy. She had unzipped my pants and was pulling my cock out. She gave me a smirk and started pumping. I immediately went to work on her pussy. I inserted one, then a second finger up her, while my thumb worked her clit. It didn't take long for her to orgasm. It was a sight I had been fantasizing about for a long time.

I took my hand away and licked my fingers. She knelt down in front of me and went to town on my cock. I wasn't going to last long. I pulled the straps of her dress down and got a wonderful view of her breasts, with dark brown nipples. They looked wonderful. And felt even better. Not perky, but they had managed to stay relatively firm over the years. Her nipples were nice and erect.

I was almost ready to cum, and Nav could tell, so she sped up. In no time, I was spurting all over her hands, tits, my chair, her dress, and hair. She kept pumping until I could take no more. I pulled some tissues out of my desk, and began to wipe her off. She thanked me and stood up. She pulled her dress back up, put on her panties, and got her clothes in order.

She smiled, and went back to her desk. I got a text immediately after thanking me and saying she really needed that. We talked the next day and agreed that nothing like that could ever happen again. It was a bit awkward at first, but we got used to it, and things are generally more playful between us.



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