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After High School

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Great site. Can't count the cum loads I've blown reading the stories.


I knew Mike from our high school senior government class. We didn't hangout at all but somehow we learned that we were going to the same college. He suggested we be dorm mates. He was a tennis jock with a sixties unrestrained mentality. 

After loading his old VW van we drove to the university. It was night and the first thing he did was drive to a rushing creek alongside a road and suggested we go skinny dipping. It was cold, invigorating, and sort of set the tone of our friendship; open in general and open about being naked around each other.

He talked about the women in the dorm and I was dating long distance a girl from high school, though we were having a lot of problems in our relationship.

We wore towels to the communal dorm shower like most of the guys and didn't particularly rush getting dressed back in the room. At night, I would jack off quietly in the dark and clean up with the bed sheet. We never talked about it but we both knew the other masturbated after lights out.

Once during the day, I came back from class and found him jerking off on his bed. He quickly covered up and smiled a little embarrassed. A roll of toilet paper and tube of hand lotion on the bed stand. I smiled and said I'll be back in a little while, leaving him for a little privacy.

I rarely made my bed so dried cum stains were visible on my sheets. 

We were 18 and masturbated often. 

Our sophmore year we moved to a smaller dorm, each with our own room and a shared bathroom connecting our rooms. Casual and mutual nudity became more frequent. We didn't close the bathroom doors for showers and both started sleeping naked instead of the standard white briefs. Morning wood wasn't covered up. Summer was brutal so we rarely wore more than cut-off's. One morning I woke up and looked in on my room-mate. Mike was sitting on his bed, back braced on the wall naked and with a pussy mag wide open. As open as we had become this was a new level. I asked if he wanted the door closed. 'Naw, you don't have to go if you wanna join me.'. I could feel my heart thump a little stronger and my cock immediately start to swell. I smiled wide and said, 'Ok.'. I was already nude so sat next to him. He moved his leg over so our thighs were flush. We looked at the pictures of solo women masturbating and others blowing muscular guys, getting fucked and cum shots as guys ejaculated on the women. We unabashedly watched each other. Mike periodically would apply hand lotion as cock lube. I always beat off dry. It felt incredibly liberating to be openly jacking off with Mike, my best buddy for two years. We took our time and playfully joked around. He reached over and stroked my hardon and I did the same. I don't know how long we messed around but eventually I couldn't hold back. 'I'm ready.' I said. He said nothing but increased his pace to match mine. Our gazes were fixed on each other's fists pumping up and down. Mike spread his legs even wider and with a guttural sound his cum shot out hitting his abdomen, his fist and thick pubic hair. He was still pumping his dick when my cock spewed out a heavy load of cum onto my fist dripping down my balls and onto his sheet. 

'Man, that was a good one.' I said. 'Definitely.' he replied. 

'I'm a mess.' I said and went to the sink to rinse my crotch and hand with warm water. He came in the bathroom and did the same. We took turns taking a post jerk off piss, then went to our respective beds to relax and recover.

Our junior year we moved to a small house and continued to have mutual masturbation sessions on occasion till we moved to our own places. 

Mike is the only guy I did this with, and I frequently masturbate to the memories. If we got together I'd really enjoy a mutual jerk off now that we are older.



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