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After Entertainment

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No... Arohk is not my real name. In case you are wondering, it's a personna.


This is my first contribution as I am very shy about this kind of thing. No one knows about this, no one has ever caught me and hopefully never will. Anyway, on to business.

I first started out masturbating at a very young age. I can't even remember how young I was, but I recall humping the seatbelt of the car when I was short enough, and getting this feeling. (Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, or what was happening at that point.)

Present day, I maybe do it once every two days, as I am not very fond of the idea of getting caught. I come home around 3:00pm. Everyone is always gone, and nobody gets home for at least three more hours. So I figure, why not enjoy myself?

Usually I find myself getting horny, so I head to my recliner chair and well, recline. I don't know why but I always masturbate with my clothes on. I slip my hand in my pants and into my panties. I don't know why but I never find myself playing with my clit. I always come from sticking my middle finger in and going in and out. Pretty intense orgasms...every time! I have a fantasy and ten to thirty minutes later I cum.

However, sometimes I am in the mood later, maybe after dinner, when everyone IS home. So I head to the basement. I usually turn something on the T.V. so no one hears me. I take a blanket and roll it between my legs and start humping. I have read all these stories about how great pillows and beds are, but I never hear anyone talk about blankets. It feels great. Personally, I think pillows are just too soft for humping. Maybe it's just my personal taste but you ought to try a blanket.

If there is no blanket available, and I am desperate for relief, I hump my hand. This doesn't happen very often though. Sometimes, I almost get caught. When I'm in bed and I need to release myself, I scrunch up some clothing and hump it. But someone sometimes walks by my room and I have to force myself to stop, only tantalizing myself further as some of you may know, stopping is hard. It does add to the excitement however. After that, I come really hard and have to lie there for a while just to regain myself.

Maybe I'll write again sometime I don't know. It's quite embarrassing and takes a lot of courage to post this on the internet. But hey, if I can post this, then you can too! Just get up some courage and start typing. Trust me. It's good to tell someone.




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