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After a Shower

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While we were in college, my boyfriend and I got an apartment together. The bigger the apartment, the cheaper it was per bedroom, so a friend of his moved in with us into a two bedroom. I will call him Steve. My boyfriend was kind of controlling, he did not like how well Steve and I got along. My boyfriend worked a lot, so Steve and I spent a lot of time just hanging around talking. Sometimes our conversations would stray to talk about sex. Steve had a girlfriend, but their relationship was long distance.

One day I was overly tired and decided to skip my morning class. I got up to get a drink when I heard some noise coming from Steve's room. It sounded familiar, but I thought there was no way he was doing what I thought he was doing. His door was halfway open. Maybe he didn't realize I had stayed home. I froze in place, barely daring to breathe because I did not want him to realize I was there. If he knew I was there, he might stop.

Now the reason I was overly tired, was because I had a very sexually frustrating night with my boyfriend. It was just one of those nights that no matter what he did to me, it just didn't get me off. So I eventually faked an orgasm so he would quit trying and I could get to sleep. The problem with that was, I was still turned on enough that sleep was a long time coming.

So here I am the next morning, my boyfriend is off at work and I am alone with Steve who I believe is in his room jerking off. The image in my head was enough to get me going, but that did not seem like enough. I wanted to see if I could get a peek. Trying to breathe as quietly as possible, I crept along the wall and tried to position myself so that he might not see me. He was not facing the door dead on, so I thought I would be safe. Peeking through the crack, I got a somewhat decent view. Not the best seat in the house, but I could see enough. He was reclining on his bed. He must have jut taken a shower, as he was completely nude and there was a towel just at his feet. Yup. There he was, stroking away.

My brain was nagging me to go back to my room. This was private. My pussy was screaming at my brain. It wanted me to stay and watch him finish. I had given hand jobs in the past, but seeing a guy do it himself, especially when he was so lost in the moment, not even realizing I was there was a HUGE turn on. I figured I would just stay there for his climax and hopefully be able to sneak back into my room where I could use what I saw to finish myself off without him being the wiser.

I stood watching for what seemed like forever. I was dying to reach down into my pants and get off with him, but could not bring myself to actually do it. Then I attempted to shift on my feet, and my knee hit the wall. Thunk. That was when he looked up and saw me through the opening in the door. CRAP.

I turned quickly to head down to my room. I was mortified. I was already halfway down the hall when he called to me. 'Wait! I'm sorry! I should have closed my door, but I had no idea you were home.' I turned and saw that he had grabbed the towel and covered himself before he came out. I could see he was still in a bit of a state, having not reached his climax.

My turn to apologize. 'No, no. My bad. I should not have been so nosy. I could have made noise in the kitchen, then you would have known I was home....' I looked at his face and saw that he was studying mine. Apparently he saw where my eyes had been a minute ago. Snagged again.

A tense minute passed. I was flustered. I was terrified what he must be thinking of me and my actions. Then he smirked. 'Well...' he said, looking down at his erection which was straining against the towel, '...looks like this is not going away on its own. You want to watch while I finish?'

My jaw dropped. 'Seriously?'

'Sure. Why not?'

I could think of two of reasons why not, my boyfriend and his girlfriend. I pondered it over in my head. My boyfriend would still be gone for hours. His girlfriend, well... I had never met her. Probably never would. Oh hell.

He could see I was reluctant. He smiled and rolled his eyes. 'I'll be in there with the door open while you decide.'

I stood in the hallway for a few minutes arguing with myself. Then I bit my lip and with my heart pounding like mad in my ears, I walked to his doorway. I stood watching for a few minutes while he stroked. He had lubed up, I was guessing with his own saliva, as there were no bottles or tubes around. He went nice and slow, presumably for my benefit, as his pace was quicker before he discovered he was being watched. He was also breathing much heavier now, which I again assumed was part of the show.

It was a good show.

I could feel my accumulated wetness as I shifted from one foot to the other, and I also felt some slight spasms as my clitoris was trying to get my attention.

I started feeling a bit woozy, so I decided to be a little daring and I kneeled down at the foot of his bed. I sat back on my legs and got a closer view. My head was now only about two feet away from his engorged member, and as I had positioned myself between his feet, I could see his facial expressions as well. THIS, was the best seat in the house.

I was amazed that he could be okay with this. The idea of performing like this for someone scared the hell out of me.

He needed more lubrication, but due to his heavy breathing, his mouth was dry. 'I can help with that...' I heard my mouth say before my brain could stop it. I was practically drooling, so I had more than enough. The thought of spitting on my hand seemed completely tactless, but I leaned forward and lowered my mouth above his cock and spat.

I grabbed him and rubbed my saliva around and just underneath his cock head. He sighed heavily, punctuated with a soft moan, and for a split second I panicked. Surprisingly, it wasn't guilt. I was terrified that he would come right then and there. He took in a deep breath, and then ever so slowly, I jacked him, leaving as much saliva as I could on his cock. I leaned back and smiled at him. He closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them, he watched as I licked both my palms and grabbed on with both hands.

My left hand was stroking the shaft while my right concentrated on the head. I did not have a bra on, and working with my hands in this position made my DDD tits jiggle as I stroked. My pajama shirt had a V neck, so there was also plenty of cleavage showing. I could see him staring at it, taking it all in. It added to his excitement, but also my own.

It only took few minutes before he began breathing heavily again. He warned me that he was close. He then let out a deep guttural moan, and streams of warm semen landed on my hands and forearms.

While he was recovering, I began to feel a little guilty, but more than that, I was uncomfortable from being so aroused without release. He handed me his damp bath towel and I cleaned myself up. He hinted that one day he would like to get a show as well. With my voice shaking, I told him I thought that was all I could handle for one day.

I quickly headed off to my room and flopped on the bed. I shoved my right hand into my pajama pants, and the other arm covered my face. I could still smell his semen on my forearm. Oh god. I barely even touched myself when I had a HUGE orgasm. I tried to be quiet, but the walls were thin, and it was really difficult. I am pretty sure he heard me, but at the moment there was really nothing I could do about that. Besides, he said he wanted a show. It was the best I could do for him on that day.



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