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After a Hard Day

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Never posted any of my feelings or events before..


About two months ago I finished a very long day at work. I work as a realtor selling homes. After getting home that evening I went directly to the bathroom and drew a hot bath. I sat in the tub for about a half hour and then got out combing my hair and putting on a robe going downstairs to enjoy a cocktail.

I was mixing up a Martini when my son arrived home from his job as a massage therapist. He is 26 years old and still living at home with me. I asked him if he would like to join me in a Martini, he said yes. Telling him about my very hard day, I asked him if he would be kind enough to set up the massage table and do my shoulders like he always does.

I went upstairs to put on a pair of shorts and a bra, as usual, for when he gives me a massage. As he set up the table, I got on the table face down and he began his magic. Rubbing my shoulders till I could almost feel all the stress leaving my body.

This felt so good I asked him if he would feel uncomfortable giving me a full body massage? He said OK and proceeded rubbing my back and legs. I noticed he skipped over my ass and upper thighs. I want a full body massage. DID YOU FORGET MY ASS AND UPPER THIGHS OR ARE YOU COMING BACK TO THEM?

He said as far as your ass you would have to remove you shorts. Would that be uncomfortable for you? He said no. I had my shorts off in a second. This was the first time I was in a bra and panties in front of him. He began rubbing my ass and upper thighs. Is this usually done in the nude?? I asked him..He said yes but if I wanted we could continue this way.

I was stripped nude and back on the table quickly. He applied the oils and began rubbing my upper thighs and ass. OH THIS IS WHAT I HAD IN MIND BY A MASSAGE!! As he finished I could tell he had an erection in his pants.

Did you ever give some one what they call a happy ending?? Yes he said. Well would you give one to me? As I rolled over exposing my 34 c's and hairy pussy. 'I really need it'!!

Without a word being spoken his fingers went right up inside my pussy. OH YES!! With his thumb he began to masturbate my clitoris. OH YES WAS ALL I COULD SAY..It took about five minutes before I reached my climax and had a great orgasm. This was just what I needed.

Looking at what was going on in his pants I could tell he had a good hard erection going on. I told him to get on the table as I began to open his pants, springing that large hairy cock to life. This the first time you were ever on the table?? I asked laughing a bit.

I started to squeeze his large sack of balls. Then began to jerk him off. Sliding my left hand down to his ass hole and inserted a finger way inside and with my right began to pleasure him. He said OH MOM ,ON ANN PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!!He then let himself go. Cumming all over his chest and stomach.

I then picked up my panties from the floor and began to clean him up. We kissed for a second or two. Then I said let's finish our cocktails.

We sat on the couch I was in the nude he had on just his opened pants. Telling him I hope I didn't make him feel uncomfortable with what we did. Oh no he replied. I thought about what it would be like many times when I gave you a shoulder and back massage, and many times I had an erection going and had to masturbate in my room afterwards. I started to laugh. Telling him I always thought about it to and by the way I knew you had an erection because I always took a sneak peek.

My son and I have relieved and taken care of our needs together upon a few occasions.

I can't speak for him but I enjoy the time with him even better than picking up some strange guy in a bar. That only takes care of your physical needs and nothing more. I also need the closeness in my opinion that is just as important.

We have spoken about changing our relationship into something a little more. We have gone out on a few dates together. Although we usually do it in a town not near ours. I find myself dressing up for him a little more. I enjoy wearing sexy underwear for him and also buying him sexy underwear I like to see him in too.

As of now we just keep it to dating masturbating and having fun with each other.



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