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African Girl

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I was travelling around Africa and I was in a cafe in a small town in Kenya. The manageress kept smiling at me. She was about 30, with shining black skin and the most enormous pair of boobs imaginable.

I struck up a conversation and invited her out to dinner that night. We had a pleasant dinner and went back to my hotel room. At first she was pretty cold towards me, sitting in a chair while I was on the bed. We watched television.

After a while I went over and kissed her. Eventually she joined me on the bed and we kissed some more, but she wouldn't let me touch her body. Time drew on and I said I was going to bed. I didn't know if she would stay or go at that point. She decided to stay but was going to sleep fully clothed on top of the bed. I stripped naked to encourage her, but it didn't seem to have any effect.

After a while she appeared to be asleep. I could not sleep as I was too horny, having such a girl in the room. She was lying on her back. I slipped one of those giant boobs out of its bra cup and outside of her clothing. It was beautifully soft and squidgy. I rubbed my penis back and forth across its dark nipple until I ejaculated a string of sperm over her feminine flesh. As I carefully wiped her breast with a tissue I saw a flash of her eyes in the darkness. She was only pretending to be asleep! I squeezed the bosom back into its cup and returned to bed.

The following morning she wanted a shower but made me promise that I wouldn't come in the room.

'Just this once and once only' I said.

She emerged swathed in towels. I tried to pull them free but nothing doing.

After dinner that evening we again returned to my hotel room. She was a bit warmer with the kissing and let me touch her boobs through her clothes but nothing more. She was going to sleep fully clothed again. 'At least get under the covers' I said, and she did.

'You must be really uncomfortable trying to sleep with all the wires in that bra digging in', I said, 'why not take the bra off but keep your T-shirt on?'

She took the bra off and laid with her back to me. Almost immediately my hands were under the T squeezing and kneading those thunderous breasts. Eventually I was able to work the T-shirt up a bit so that I could kiss and lick the side of her left breast, whilst it spilled out of my cupping hand.

The next morning she went for another shower.

'Remember what I said yesterday?' I said.

Once the water was running I went and stood in the doorway and finally got to see her naked.

She bent over to try and cover her boobs, but they were far too large and spilled over everywhere.

When she stood up straight they hung down like fat pendulums. A darker patch at the lower tips represented where the nipples were stretched out as a lumpy brownness.

As she showered I got a few glimpses of her front slit. Frankly, she had the most enormous ass I had ever seen but I didn't care about that. I just wanted to get my hands on her deliciously outsized mammaries.

I stood in the doorway so that she could get a good look at my erection. She had to go to work at that point, so I wanted to give her something to think about during the day.

That night there were signs of progress. She was happy to go topless and we kissed passionately. I finally got full access to those glorious boobs. I really enjoyed myself kissing, biting, kneading, rubbing. I couldn't get her to touch my cock or undo her jeans though.

At an opportune moment I shoved my hand down the top of her jeans but outside of her panties unfortunately. I could feel the front of her pussy lips through her knickers. I knew her clitty must be around here so I started to rub in a circular motion.

At first she wanted me to remove my hand, but the sensations of my rubbing her clit soon began to have an effect and she started to enjoy the experience. She wouldn't open her legs to give me better access though, so I just kept rubbing the front of her pussy, restricted by her denim jeans. After a few minutes she came with a whimper.

I was hoping that would help her to relax and open up with me but there was no sign of it so I left town soon after. However we kept in touch and met up a few weeks later. Strangely enough, that time she just wanted to fuck like crazy.



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