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African Adventure {part 3}

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This week Jack was really sick. He was laying in bed with a terrible fever ,so I figured that I should let him rest up. It was about 110 degrees plus humidity, probably why he developed the fever, we being native to Ireland and not used to the weather} so I went down to the pond for a swim.

I got there and stripped off my clothes. The water was clear and blue so I jumped in. It felt excellent. Every part of my body cooled off. I felt as if I'd died and gone to heaven.

Then I noticed Elizabeth approaching the pool. She's our neighbor and she's got the most beautiful blonde hair and light tan skin. She saw my clothes there and then she saw me butt naked in the water.

I was so embarressed. Here I am butt naked in front of this beautiful girl. At least I'd been running and am in good shape.

'Oh sorry John!' she laughed as she turned around quickly.

'Bloody... it's alright I guess it's not really my pond.' I laughed back nervously.

'And where's your cousin Jack? It's dangerous to swim alone.' she said jokingly.

'Poor mate's sick Liz. Taken a fever and hasn't been feeling his best.'

'To bad, uh Johnny would you mind if I join you?'

'Just stay there I'll get my shorts on.'

'No problem Johnny I saw you so...'

I couldn't believe it she unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off. For fourteen she's got large breasts at least a B cup maybe even a C. Her bra fell, but she was still turned around. Her shorts dropped next revealing her smooth butt hidden only under a blue thong. That came off and she turned around. Her pussy was visible, it had been shaved, and she must of seen my boner through the water because she giggled at me.

I'd seen a few naked girls in magazines and online, but this was the most exciting event in my life at the time.

She jumped in and swam over to me. My penis was throbbing. She looked down at me and smiled. We played in the water, nothing sexual, racing to the bottom and across the pond. All the while I couldn't lift my eyes off her gorgeous body.

She turned to me and asked: 'John this is a bit weird, but uh could I touch you? I've never seen a naked boy before.' I was so nervous, but I blurted out. 'Sure Liz if that's what you want to do!' 'Thank you.', she said.

She got to work and she held my balls and stroked my penis. She pulled my foreskin back and forth, I'm not cut, which made me ejaculate a bit of precum. She rubbed the precum onto my penis and began to stroke up and down, slow at first, but progressively faster. I touched her breast and she giggled slightly. I then went lower and placed my finger inside her wet vagina. I moved in and out putting in another finger.

'Johnny what ever you're doing keep doing it!', she moaned as I stroked her vagina and her clitoris.

She stroked me fast and within two minutes I came on her hand moaning and giving a little yelp as I finally orgasmed. My four inch penis went flaccid soon after. I kept rubbing her clitoris and vagina until she screamed my name. She hugged me and my balls rested on her vagina. She kissed me and then told me: 'If you want to do this again sometime just give me a call. Oh and if Jack's feeling better tell him to come to!' She and I got dressed, but I left my shirt off until I got right outside her house's gate.

It was my first time doing something with a girl. I ran home and told my cousin Jack. He just smiled and told me, 'good for you.' before he fell back to sleep.

I masturbated three times that night thinking about Liz and how beautiful she was. Over time we became better friends and still do this sometimes.



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