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Affectionate Mom.(part 2)

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(Continued from Part 1)

The morning broke up, and I saw mom standing next to me beside the bed. She asked me to wake up and get ready for our travel back. I noticed the wet patch on my boxer with the thick sticky piss. I thought mom would spank me for pissing in the bed. However, to my surprise, Mom was smiling, looking at my boxer. She asked why I look alarmed? I said in my low voice, I pissed in my boxer. Still smiling mom asked, if I dreamed something...how often I had similar wet dreams? I said it happened twice. Then she asked if it were not something nice pissing with the dream? In my brisk breathing, somehow I said I felt it something sweet and nice..I was shy to tell anything further, but mom was asking more of it. How often I do myself enjoying it? I answered and exclaimed, how could I get slipped into one such dream. I paused a moment and continued, it is sweet and joyful, but I don't know why, I get pissed on the bed still in my sleep? Mom was trying to hide a big laugh. She put her hands over my shoulder and, said, my dear, when a boy grows, sperms start producing in his groin and once it is filled up, it wants to get emptied. It has happened to you. It is nothing shameful nor to worry of. Then mom asked me softly, if none of my friends talked anything like that or I have not learned any thing of sex at school. I told her that, the dirty boys were talking something, but I have avoided them, I added that, in school, our teacher said it happens when a boy grows to an adult man, but I thought it something to come about, after so many years. Mom exclaimed, Poor boy!, and said, it is natural for a boy to have sweet wet dreams. It is semen, a man's sperms. The hormones make the difference and you start dreaming of girls. I thought myself, it is true now it delights me to look at girls and their touch and smiles thrill me. Yes recently, I started liking those boys talking dirty things, whom I disliked till last summer vacation.

Mom smiled once again and said, she finds it happy to see it that I am growing up. Looking at my wet patch of my boxer, Mom pulled out a towel from her bag and asked me, to slip off my boxer and get a quick wash. I turned to face the wall and pulled down my boxer and asked for the towel to cover myself.

To my surprise, mom was next to me looking at my privates... She leaned down to look closer on my groin, and said, hairs are coming up, you are growing to a man!! Once again my dick got erect and I was a bit blushed standing fully naked next to my mom. Mom's nightwear was still unbuttoned and I could see most of mom's breasts and the protruding nipples. It again stirred my thoughts back to all that happened in the bed. Mom's surprise was getting elated, she exclaimed, that I have grown up to a big boy, and she is going to tell it to my dad. I was wondering why mom is so delighted to see my dick and why she wants to tell it to dad? Mom kneeled to look me closer and took my balls in her hand. She pressed her fingers softly over the loose skin touching the balls inside. I thought the tip of my dick might touch mom's face as it was ticking up and down. Mom, whispered as if to herself; no more worries, it is all perfect. I couldn't understand what she was talking.

She was still on her knees. She grabbed me closer to her and kissed me on my tummy. She was in some kind of excitement and joy. She kissed me again and again.. As she moved up sliding herself over my body to kiss on my tummy, mom's breasts got bare almost completely and the bare softness was pressing on my dick and balls. I was getting aroused. The sweet delightful sensation was filling me from tip to toe. As she profusely kissed me with all her excitement and love. It seemed an electric splinter or so, something ablazing me, filling me up with that peculiar sweet sensation, that mesmerized me in my sweet dreams. It was so intense, I could not resist my urge to hold mom tightly. I pressed myself hard and I knew my dick was piercing somewhere on the softness of mom's breasts.

Mom looked once again to my dick and took it in her hands. She moved her soft fingers over the shaft and asked if it feel nice to me. I said it is nice and sweet, but I said it prompts me to pull it out or something like that. Mom said it is the right thing a boy should feel to do. Your prostate has filled up once again. It is to be emptied. Otherwise you feel very much tense and annoyed. Mom said she would show what to do, and told me to hold on my penis in my hands. Mom told me to move my hands up and down over the shaft. It was still amusing, mom told me to do it fast, but I couldn't do faster, as it was very much tickling at the tip. Mom took some cream from her toilet bag and lavishly applied on my limp, and she herself briskly fluffed it up at greater speed. Ohhh I was more than in a dream. The sweet sensation was filling me up throughout my body. This time I knew I was not pissing. Yeas, I have grown up and my prostate is releasing the semen. The breathtaking sweet delight was unspeakable. I said it loud, mom it is so sweet.. My dick pulsated in ecstasy I felt it was going to blow up. Mom took my dick between her fingers.. The ejection splashed over to mom's breasts.

I knew mom felt the stuff dripping between her breasts. She was still smiling! She loosened her hold over me, looked down to my dick, and exclaimed, Oh! my dear boy, you have done it. Sorry my dear, I was just unaware of my clothes that slipped off my body, but I am glad to see you enjoy to the peaks of supreme joy! Mom kissed me on my tummy once again, telling, that I have proved once again I am grown up.

In her sheer delightful enthusiasm mom looked closely to see the spurting thick fluid that was still oozing out. She took a drop between her fingers and smiled. Mom smiled to my face once again, she said, that she is delighted to see my thing, hard and long.

The next moment she sobbed. Tears dripped down her cheeks. I wondered how quickly her emotions changed. Still sobbing she talked. She and my dad were upset that my penis was not growing and it was never getting erect after the surgery I underwent in my childhood. I have some faded memory of it. It was to correct the abnormal swelling of my scrotum. Mom said that dad has told her, my penis was still very small when he saw it last time at the lakeside after the swimming. I could recollect, as I was scrubbing my itching pubic, mom asked me if the scar of the surgery was still there and she wanted to examine it. Yes, I remember, mom pulled down my pajama and examined to see the under side of my scrotum moving her hands over all my dick and balls. She had pressed it gently inside her palm but it didn't get stiff in her hands. It was some two years back. I don't remember my dick getting stiff and ticking up any time before my first wet dream.

Now I know why mom was so excited to see my pubic and her joy in seeing me ejaculating.



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