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Affectionate Mom

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It was the first time I experienced the tantalizing sensation of touching a woman's bare breast. I was delighted to feel the soft supple flesh of my mom's breasts in my hands. I was then 14 years old and it was a hot summer night.

We live in a village of North East India. My father owns a small shop and my mom, a pharmacy assistant working in our village hospital. I felt a bit proud, when dad asked me if I could accompany my mom for her travel to her brother's home. In my 14 years, I was a bit short; less than five feet and my younger brother although two years younger to me, was stout and taller than me. Usually, dad assigned him for such things.

After the tiring journey, we reached uncle's house by noon. The night came and for our sleep, it was a room next to their farm storeroom. I was to sleep in the same room with mom but on the mattress spread on the floor. Aunt warned us that, the lamp in the corridor should not be switched off, otherwise some tiny flies would come inside the room. She also said that the flies may land on the floor or the bed and they will bite only if we disturb or sleep over them., the biting would be itchy, but do not scratch there, it would make it itching more pricky; the remedy is to lick over there or rub with some saliva.

Mom changed into her nightwear. Being humid and hot I took off everything but my short boxer, and went to my bed on the floor. In the dim light creeping from the corridor, I saw mom slipping off her under garments. I switched off the lone light in the room, and insects started crawling on the floor. Looking at them, Mom said, it might make the sleep on the floor miserable and asked me to come over to her bed. She moved back and there was enough space for me on the bed. When she waggled her body on the bed, in the dim light from the corridor, I could very well see most of mom's breasts through the wide low neck of the nightdress.. For the first time I felt something enchanting to see, the nipples mounting on the two lobes well protruding over the drape of the thin cloth.. Mom saw my eyes lavishly looking at them and said it, with a smile, that she feels it lucky to pick this baggy nightie for this scorching humid heat. It delighted me, further when my hands brushed over them as mom turned to me, to kiss me good night. I noticed that mom was least bothered when her breasts rubbed against my body as she was turning on her side for her comfortable position.

Maybe an hour or two after midnight, I saw mom sitting on the bed and scratching her body. The flies have pricked her, one on her back and another on her right breast. I told mom not to scratch. Then mom told me to see where the fly has bitten behind her shoulder, and rub some saliva. Mom unbuttoned her nightie and pulled out a hand from the sleeve. The nightie was slipped down from the left shoulder, the mark red and swollen. I put some saliva and rubbed. Meanwhile I noticed mom rubbing some saliva on her breast. Mom asked me to lick over there with my tongue. As I leaned to her back, holding onto mom, my hands were touching on either side of mom's breasts. I licked applying saliva, and then rubbed with my fingers, then again licked and rubbed. She said it is nice and soothing. I turned to look at mom's face to see if she is all right, but mom was still rubbing the fluffy breast. She said it is more pricky. I tried my best to keep my eyes looking to mom's eyes, yet I could see mom's breast almost completely exposed. I think I was looking at the exposed nipple for the first time. The bite mark was lower to the nipple still red and swollen. Mom kept on rubbing with some more saliva from her tongue. Then said she feels better and we lay down to sleep.

A few minutes later I heard mom saying, after all you are my child and why not help your mom. I asked mom if she need any further help. She paused for some moments and said, pricking on the breast is still worse and was thinking why not ask my boy to help me as you did it on my back. She showed me the point below the nipple and held my face towards her. I licked the swollen area, holding the breast in my two hands. The I rubbed over it. Rubbing mom's breast was a wonderful feeling on my hands. My fingers moved over the nipple and it felt as if touching some low electric circuits. Mom said, licking is more soothing and asked why not I just lick over it and we might get into sleep. My tongue moved over the nipple also and mom said she feels good. I was feeling something very sweet creeping in my whole body. The feel of nipples on my face made me to look at them. In the dim light, I saw mom's breasts, plump, smooth and shining and the nipples were firm and rigid. My hands were cupped over mom's breasts and I pressed them gently. The tender but warm feel of mom's breasts on my hands, and my tongue rubbing over the nipple were radiating some electric impulse to my pubic area. Mom kissed me over my head, wrapping me tighter. I was surprised to see such a response from mom. My lips touched the nipples and the lovely feel was yet delightful. The sweet sensation was tickling my penis. I tried to move myself a bit backward so that it may not touch mom's body. Mom's hand moved over my dick, and I could feel her fingers brushing over my half erect dick.

But, mom held me closer to her asking if I feel any discomfort. She also told me if I want sucking on mom's breasts once again. The licking turned to sucking as mom held me closer to her bosom. Mom's breasts were now pressing on my face. The smooth softness of mom's breasts pressing on my face somehow prompted me to think of the delightful dream that made me piss in my sleeps. It was a fortnight back. The memory of it enchanted me. The dream, in which I saw my teacher's exposed cleavage wide and low. She leaned to look into my workbook, and in my dream I saw, her breasts bulging out into my hands ripping off the buttons that fastened her top. But she was smiling at me sitting in the chair, half naked without any trousers....

I could feel my dick pressing on mom's body. I moved my left hand from mom's breasts and covered it over my penis. In rhythm with my sucking on mom's breast, I felt a sweeter sensation that prompted me to press my penis in my hand. It never had been so much big and strong in my hands. Yea, I felt it so sweet and exciting to hold and release my dick in my hand, in quicker frequency. It was a new pleasant sensation to me. I felt it is going to shoot out a piss, that might flood the bed. In a moment, there heard a creaking sound of the door and somebody grunting next to our door. I loosened my grip on my dick and slowly turned my face from mom's breasts. I lay quietly next to my mom. Mom said it is his brother getting ready for the work in the farm. Mom's hand was over my lower buttock and I felt it touching my balls. We could hear rattling noise of farm tools in the next room. I lay on the bed calmly for a long time, and soon both of us slipped into sleep. Soon it was another sweet dream, mom washing my penis with milk flowing from her exposed breasts. I opened my eyes still enjoying the sweet sensation. I knew that the delightful sensation once again made to piss in my sleep the way it happened a fortnight back in my dream.

(Story to continue in Part 2)



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