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Adventures in Masturbation (Part 1)

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I first learned to masturbate when I was 13. I had heard of it (usually in whispered conversations about 'jerking off'), but the basic sex education I had received in school made no mention of it, and it remained a mystery. That is, until one day in the winter of my 13th year.

It was a Sunday; my friend Steve and I were working on a bike in the basement workshop. The conversation had turned to girls and sex, which was naturally a subject of interest to us, when for no reason whatsoever, Steve made the astonishing comment 'I can get white stuff to come out of my dick.' My response was along the lines of 'yeah, sure' to which he insisted he could, and said he would prove it.

He pulled up a chair, sat down, dropped his pants and underwear and opened his shirt. He then started to play with his penis, which rapidly grew into a decent erection. I still remember being impressed at the time with the size of his erect penis (about 6') and the amount of hair surrounding it; at the time, my own erection was about 4' or so, and the surrounding hair was still pretty sparse. Steve then grasped his penis and proceeded to stroke it up and down. It didn't take very long, maybe 5 minutes, before he stiffened and a stream of semen shot out of his penis and landed on his stomach and chest. A couple more spurts, each slightly smaller than the last, then he relaxed and asked for a towel. In my astonishment, I managed to grab one from the laundry room for him. He cleaned himself up, put his clothes back in order and said 'Told you.' Overcoming my astonishment, I asked him what it felt like; his reply was 'freakin' great.' Enough said; I was hooked.

That night, in the privacy of my bedroom and being a big fan of pleasure, I began my own attempts to 'get white stuff to come out of my dick.' After getting an erection and stroking my penis for quite awhile, it felt good but nothing much was happening and I was beginning to get tired. So I gave up for the evening and went to sleep.

The next day, after the usual daily activities, bedtime finally arrived. I brushed my teeth, got out of my clothes and climbed into bed. Now, normally I read a book for awhile before going to sleep, but this evening other things were on my mind. My penis was already becoming erect when I climbed into bed, and rapidly grew to a size I thought even larger than usual and a hardness that was almost painful. Since I generally slept naked (still do), it was easy to pick up where I had left off the evening before.

I began stroking. Unlike the evening before, I kept at it, and kept at it, and at it. After steadily stroking for I don't know how long, I began thinking 'feels like a massage.' A moment or so later I felt my body get all tense, my breathing got short and suddenly a stream of semen shot out of my penis, and another, and then three or four more. That first orgasm and ejaculation was so intense that it shot all over my stomach, chest and face, the pillows, and even the wall behind my head. Wow!

Naturally, I had neglected to make arrangements for cleanup. So, naked and with come all over myself, I ran to the bathroom down the hall and cleaned up with tissues. I was pretty impressed with myself, and so impressed with the feelings I had experienced that I grabbed a towel, went back to my bedroom and started again. At that age, it doesn't take any time at all to get another erection, and I really went at it. The second orgasm was pretty powerful, too, but not like that first one. Cleanup was easier, though.

That weekend when Steve and I were back in the workshop working on that darn bike again, I proudly announced that I too was able to 'get white stuff to come out of my dick.' Naturally, Steve dared me to prove it. So, I grabbed a towel from the laundry room, sat down in the same chair he had used the weekend before, pulled off my shirt, dropped my pants and started. It didn't take long before I was coming all over myself.

Looking back some years later, I realized that Steve (my masturbation tutor) was quite the exhibitionist; not too many people would volunteer the fact that they could do what he did, and then when doubted, demonstrate. I'm not generally an exhibitionist myself, but back then reasonable dares were accepted unless one wanted to be proved a craven coward, so when Steve dared me to prove my ability later that week, I got naked and jacked off for him.

Over the next few weeks, Steve and I masturbated together several times, two 13-year-old guys masturbating in the same room at the same time, just enjoying. In addition, I was masturbating at home almost every night and sometimes in the morning before I got into the shower before school.

The circle jerks with Steve ended later that year when his family moved to another town for a new job. I kept masturbating frequently; practice makes perfect, after all, and I practiced a lot. Stay tuned...



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