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Adventure With a Girl

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This is an account of my first masturbation adventure with a girl.


Every time I browse through the stories on this site they remind me of some of my own libidinous encounters, this time of my first mutual masturbating with a girl. This happened when I was 13, and had been ejaculating for just 6 months. I was big for my age, had matured first in the group of boys I hung around with, but I was quiet and shy although I was a veteran masturbator having been at it for 3 years. I got talked into a circle jerk by my friend Bert, and greatly impressed the group by the size of my pecker and the volume of come it produced. My worst fears came to pass when I learned that all of the boys in my class knew what happened at the circle jerk. I found this out listening to the jokes about my great loads of come the next day at school. That Saturday the whole class attended a party given by Rose, a thin little bitch who enjoyed embarrassing other kids, especially shy ones like me. I tried to avoid her but eventually she cornered on the porch of her house where I went in fear of being teased about what I hoped would never be known beyond the guilty group. She began the conversation by sitting down on an ottoman and saying saying that I shouldn't try to hide from her, she wasn't as innocent as I thought, she knew I was a big hunk, but never thought I could do the things she had heard. I tried to change the subject, but she stuck to it leaning forward so the wide collar of her dress slid away from her chest revealing two little naked tits about the size of large apples. My pecker immediately stood at attention. Then she said come over tomorrow after church, I'll be alone. Shy I was, but not paralyzed. I called her the next day. We agreed that I should be at her house at 2 that afternoon. When I arrived she was wearing a white thin kimono which did not hide her pubic hair. She noticed I got hard, took me by the hand, drew me to her, and we began to kiss. I felt her hand on my pecker, and next I had a handful of tit. Before long we were both nude with her stroking my 7 inch peter, and I with 2 fingers in her pussy. Being the practical girl she was, she made me agree not to go all the way. After a while she told me to rub her clit describing where I would find it, and how to stroke it. We lay down on her bed, and I gave her clit a hard finger workout for about 10 minutes when I began to feel handfuls of pussy juice. Then her body stiffened, she began to shake and moan, and then came with a loud shriek. After she recovered, she pushed me down on the bed, and said let's see if you are as good as I've heard. She started jerking me as efficiently as I did myself. After about 5 minutes of this dry jerking, I asked her if she had any lube. She stopped went to her dresser, got a bottle of cold cream, lubed my pecker up, and after another 5 or 6 minutes of jerking I began to come shooting five ropes of jism, the first going at least 3 feet. I must have dribbled come for another minute or two after the spasms stopped. She said that I was better than the tale she had heard. We got together every week afterward for fun and games.



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