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Adult Theater Adventures

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This and other amazing adventures happened to me over a thirty year period in an Adult Theater located an hour from my home in a big midwestern city. When I was about 25 and really naive I wandered into the movie house on a Saturday in the early afternoon. Once I sat down I was amazed at all of the sexual activity in the place. Men were openly masturbating, masturbating each other, and in the front row it was obvious that several were engaged in other forms of sex. The entire scene was so incredibly sexual that I soon had an erection that was throbbing inside of my pant leg. To relieve the pressure, I unzipped and shifted my engorged penis from the left side of my jeans to the right side.

The sound of the zip was like a warning bell for several of the men around me and a number of them moved closer to see what I was doing. I was nervous and apprehensive so I tried to be sneaky and just touch myself gently with one finger, but I was also very aroused and even that little bit of touching was bringing me close to cumming.

Not wanting to make a mess in my pants I stood up and walked to the men's room where there were two urinals. I stepped up to one and wrestled my penis out of my pants. As I stood there I was thinking that I might want to finish myself to avoid a big mess in my pants but just as I began the man who had been sitting behind me, stepped up to the second urinal. He was an elderly man, probably about 65 or 70 years old, but when he took his penis out it was enormous. Probably ten or more inches and it was not even hard yet, just semi erect.

I stood there mezmerized and looking at him. And he returned my gaze, looking directly at my rock hard penis, which was throbbing. The more he looked the harder I got. 'Nice cock,' he said. 'Can I touch it?' I nodded yes and his hand closed around it. As he began to manipulate my penis I touched him and when I did his penis came to life and grew even harder. We stood there for almost a minute touching each other as I struggled to hold back my orgasm.

Then quite suddenly a third man entered the men's room. I was nervous and started to put my penis away, but the elderly man whispered that it was OK. 'He's a regular,' he asssured me. As we continued to touch each other, the third man approached us with his penis out and my new friend took his penis in his other hand. The three of us went on for almost another minute until the third man slipped his hand down the back of my pants and began to caress my bottom.

The second hand in my pants was too much for me. I could not hold back any longer. Streams of cum shot out of my penis and into the urinal in front of me while my new friends watched and laughed. 'Must be nice to be young,' they said as I zipped up and went back into the theater.

I really miss that old theater which closed down after a fire almost ten years ago. I had many amazing sexual adventures there and I will tell more stories soon.



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