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Adult Shop Experiences - 2

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Continued from April 5 - I became 'hooked' on pornography, I guess you'd say. It was much more thrilling than reality, for me, within the context of my marriage. And the guilt seemed to feed on itself while rationalizing my activities became a daily struggle, all of which made each orgasm in the adult shops even more intense, if you can understand that.
I'd set up a sort of pattern wherein I'd masturbate in one or another shop at least twice a week while on the road as a technician. The next phase of my sexual awakening was resolving my true sexuality which, since about 10 years ago, I have come to believe is bisexual. Although I have no interest in anal sex, I love the prospect of lying with another man's hard-on next to mine, grinding them together whilst standing, and all of the gentle aspects of sex. I totally deplore pain or power displays during sex, so my story continues.
I noticed, not long after my first experience, that under certain circumstances, the hole in the wall presented several options, all of which I'd eventually experience. I was shy for several months, and would not allow the person in the next booth to touch me, nor would I touch whatever they allowed to protrude through the hole. One day, in a state of total sexual arousal, having had two drinks before entering the store, I decided that my curiousity had to be satisfied. I entered the booth #6, where my favorite 'Hot and Busty' John Holmes 8mm film was playing. In it, due to time restrictions, the performers got down to business rapidly. John enters the house of a short busty brunette, and they begin to fondle each other. When she takes off her brassiere, her breasts don't sag at all. She is so facially pretty and I love short haired brunettes, I can not describe the total lust and sexual arousal I experienced. There simply aren't enough words, but I remember it so well, I'm hard just thinking about it now. In moments, the woman is doing all manner of things one can do with a hard cock and Holmes' is huge.
The next moment I see the hole in the wall become light, then dark, meaning that someone has entered the next booth. After a minute or so, time enough for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, the person puts his finger through the hole signalling me that he wants my penis. I am completely turned on by the film and I oblige. Porn has obliterated my good sense and my secret burning desire to have sex with a man has emerged. The man was gentle with me, gently jacking my super erect penis through the hole in the wall. I am thrilled beyond words with his warm soft hand. In about one minute the jacking stops and I feel something poking my pelvic area, then a warm line aside my hot throbbing penis. I see his cockhead coming through the hole and his cock, hard as mine is lying right next to mine.
I gently caressed his manhood, and measured our size together as his cock protruded fully through the hole. We were each about 7 inches and both wanting to cum badly. I stroked his hot cock and after a minute or two, he pulled back gently and reached through the hole and got my penis again. I could smell his cologne and I liked his warm gentle hand. I began feeling my nipples and while he stroked me I shot my load into his booth, knowing not where it landed.
To return the favor, I took his hard cock back into my booth and stroked it rapidly so that it became super erect, the head turning blue, then shot its load past my hips and hit the opposing wall. I put my cock away, wiped my hands and got out quick, the spell having been cast. I really enjoyed it and was glad for his gentleness.
Much more later.



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