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Adult Male Masturbator

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I am a different kind of guy/man. I am 37 years old 5'6' 125 lbs, 28w. extra lean muscle, very granola or natural type appearing guy. Facial hair, goatee, shoulder length dreadlocs with a very exotic euro/ethnic/foreign look. My background could be interesting but I'd rather not bore you with that. Allow me, if you would, to be completely open about my adult male life and my experiences, thoughts and my interests of masturbation. I begin at 12 years old and I was able to ejaculate then. Since then has been more than 25 years of surprises and awakenings, as well as self-awarnesses.

There was a time in my life after leaving home, being enlisted in the military, being married and divorced, and finally living alone that I really really began to emerge as a masturbator. I used to call myself a 'chronic masturbator', joining different internet groups with the same interest and title of others, I used to call myself a 'CPM..Chronic Penis Masturbator', 'Obsessive Masturbator','Severely Chronic', then 'Chronically Addicted'. I would spend hours on the internet looking at pictures of other males with erect penises depicting masturbation, I would spend hours on a local phone chat line chatting and jacking with other self-titled chronic masturbators, what would we chat about? Masturbation of course, just other guys whacking and chatting about penis, erections, goon-bate, cock-babble, cock-talk, etc. I met many 'buddies' and we would be in contact by email, phone contact, we would leave descriptive messages by voicemail to come home and listen to over and over and jack to it. Sometimes we would just hold the receiver to our 'lubed' penis and just beat it and make meat sounds for the other to listen to.

Before all of this I felt so alone and quite frankly, 'weird'. I could not understand why certain repetitive 'words', 'sounds' and any other inexplicable sights, situations and imaginations got into my penis the way they did, I just knew that they did and it felt sooo good. I did not know why seeing another male masturbate made me so hard, but yet I had no desire to have any 'conventional' male/male sex, if you would. I would visit porn theatres just to see other men pull them out and stroke them, adult arcades to see other men stroke them and show them off. Nude beaches to see other nude males get an erection. I would see the words or euphemisms as j/o, beat-the-meat, choke the chicken, spank the monkey, beat the bishop etc. and I would and still do get so hard. I would go out to do errands and begin looking at other males 'not' in any sexual desire other than to ask myself, silently of course, 'I wonder if he touched his penis before he left home', 'When was the last time he masturbated?', etc.

Then I would begin to look for physical evidence or features that would let me know that he was a chronic masturbator, i.e. uncombed hair, sloppy clothes, watery or puffy eyes from hours of staring at the computer screen, a tired look of being naked and so masturbated, an aura of low-energy. When I shook hands in business meetings I would remember the grip and ask myself, 'I wonder if this is the hand he strokes with' and I would come home that day and stroke my penis and tell myself this is the hand that shook the hand of the man who maybe strokes with that hand. If the handshake was moist or rough, smooth or a nice grip. While looking at internet penis pictures I would pay attention to background scenery in the picture, where in the home the man was masturbating, if there was a time on the picture posted, the date and if I was maybe masturbating at the same time, if the place was messy or very clean, if there were signs of him doing this very often, his appearance as to what he may do for a living and what he does at home alone, if his legs are spread wide, sitting in a computer chair with a towel on the seat so as not to get the chair soiled with lubricant and finally for me the tell-tale sign was to see a jar of lube would let me know this male was a masturbator as I am.

I began admiring every male I saw because I had began to realize for myself that all men, all colors, all shapes, from what some describe as hot to unattractive was my equal. I would visit an all male j/o club where men would go to be naked, hard and stroke together. The male energy felt at these gatherings was incredible. I noticed in full unadulterated view various stroke techniques, various penis shapes and sizes, uncut and cut, older more mature males with some of the stiffest erections to my age and younger to at least 21. I would look at the senior men to my future as an older masturbator so much more experienced, comfortable and relaxed with myself and my penis, even now I seem to have some lingering guilt and hangups. Sometimes I think the guilt is just because we are taught to punish ourselves for giving ourselves so much self-pleasure coined as self-abuse to detour this. Go figure. While at this j/o club though, I would allow other men to touch and stroke my penis and to my amazement I could feel the expertise in how another man instinctly knows how to search and find just the right stroke for that male. In combination of tension, stroke, being in tune with his own 'Hard Dick' and noticing the expressions on one's face and looking into the eyes of another male while stroking him was so intense. I can edge for days, but when an 'old-hand' at stroking would grip me I would almost melt and blow. Oh, by the way for descriptive purposes, I am uncut my penis is almost nine inches, very veiny, dark, curved shaft or basically bent to the left with a bright pink head and a low hanging scrotum bag.

During periods of my stroking I sometimes talk to my penis, take it out to dinner, take it out of my pants when I arrive home after a day of work and let it hang out soft till it wants to be hard, I stand in the mirror with it hard and just LOOK at it, let it throb, let it be limp, beat it vigourously, and yes, I read Solo Touch stories and techniques to it. It likes to be edged for a very long time and some times it likes for me to beat out as many loads as it and my body can withstand. It likes to cum on things to hear the splat, such as newspaper or on the floor or on my body. It really likes verbal stimulation, even verbal combinations that makes no sense at all to my ears. It thinks of other males now who can relate or maybe not but still those who do it a lot and think something is wrong. It liberates me to be more male. My masturbating with other males is not about being gay or straight or even Bi. It understands a kindred male energy. It is my discipline and it is natural. One male needs more than another. I particularly enjoy the 'stroke' itself rather than the ejaculation.

In my life I did meet one other male I could connect with who had also been married and divorced, we spoke openly about where we had masturbated, how much time we actually did spend masturbating, things we had tried for prolonged enhancement, for prolonged stroking, thoughts, funny things, serious things, boyhood memories, shared stories and all the while we were able as men to openly masturbate while sharing all of these, though to some may not seem erotic to speak about, but for us they were. It was freeing as a male. I would decline going out with friends to stay home to masturbate, decline holiday trips with the family as a teen, and I was/am the talk of all in my circle of friends who say man, 'that girl was hot, she wanted you'...my control is awesome, yea, she may have been HOT but she had attitude. I will not waste my time to chase a possible good time when my hand awaits my penis. A few of my closer male friends know because they comment, i.e. 'man I like it too', 'it does feel so good huh', 'we should watch porn together sometime', 'I do it all the time'. I would simply wonder and then answer my own wonderment, when do they do it all the time?(when I can't reach you by phone), (when I asked where were you they reply I was sleeping and I know your roommate is out of town and you have the 'entire' house/apt to yourself for three weeks) huh, nice.

Am I anti-social? Not at all! I think now of those who are 'now' and please really understand me..'NOW'! Naked or penis just exposed, hard or flaccid, cut or uncut, you are male of any diverse combination, you are MASTURBATING. Maybe something I wrote, referred to or as only I can explain as is simply: 'Somehow you just KNOW' what I am saying stimulates you as well. That kindred male energy. I hope you are sitting at your computer, poised in a way 'YOU' uniquely masturbate for the maximum extended pleasure for as long as your time permits. Maybe you do live by a label of sorts, whatever that may be. Just for me, a fellow male masturbator, whom you do not personally know but you are familiar with me through a connection with my words. Please masturbate, man. Be open and free and masturbate. Please lube up or stroke dry your penis for the longest amount of time possible, for as many times allowable. Look at it, talk to it, walk around your home naked and hard and let it be out. Be male. Listen to the sound of the meat as it is being beaten, watch your face in the mirror and pay attention to how you cannot control your facial or body contortions, edge for as long as possible, blow when you can't hold it any longer, then rest it, eat something, go do that errand, clean up a bit, show your face to those who haven't seen you for a while, do some shopping, and while your out pay attention to your bro's man.

Notice some things I mentioned not for desire but like I said kindredship. Listen to what guys talk about. When they don't get that hot person. When they are male and not married. No girl/boyfriend! Notice roommates that seem edgy and give them a few hours alone, because you understand. Knock before entering the room. Pay attention to long showers. Bundled up socks and t-shirts with snail trails. Then when it is time, remember all the evidence of male masturbation you have taken into your mind and your penis will respond again then hey man..BEAT IT again. Bliss in the bate. Lastly, get to know your penis anatomy. fenum/frenulum (just under the head), corpus spongiosum, corpus cavernosm, vas deferens, testicles, scrotum, etc. Ok long enough. I just wanted to share who I am. I know it is not a story just me as an adult male masturbator on a journey of more self-pleasure discovery. Stories I have read from this site to my penis have added countless amounts of prolonged pleasure to my penis, whether the stories are true or not makes no difference to me, I think your just basically trying to help out your buddies, and that's cool.

It's a venue we can use to be open about ourselves and our dicks that we can't necessarily do face to face without some ridicule or judgement and still all the while knowing it to be true. I hope I wrote someting to stimulate you or assist you in being freer with yourself above all. I will probably masturbate now. My best friend is asleep (just three days ago he admitted he had shot six loads, he is 37 also) like I said when that bedroom door is closed in the middle of the day. Don't disturb!! I will think of others like myself right now and at the time a person will read this will masturbate too for along time and cum hard, and do it again. Please share and be open. Be honest so that I may be able to relate to something I enjoy and do as well, but can't find others like me. I am an Adult Male Masturbator. I would like to masturbate with a female some day but being male I don't feel that I can relate to what she feels in her female body masturbating a vagina because I don't have one! Does that make some sense? Maybe to hear wet vagina sloshing sounds while I masturbate with another male would be HOT!..


P.S. With all that is going on in the world masturbation is the one undisputed form of the SAFEST SEX. and it is HOT!



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