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Adult Cinema

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Like many people, it took me a while to pluck up the courage to visit an adult cinema. This one was in Soho, London in the mid-nineties. I was there on the first of several business trips. The first time I went in, I was shaking as I was so scared but at the same time intensely excited. I bought the ticket and went downstairs to the theater. On the door into the theater were the words 'Anyone caught misbehaving will be ejected'. That increased greatly my fear as the only reason I was going in was to masturbate while watching the movie. I wasn't sure if that was what they meant by misbehaving.

The theater was so dark I could hardly make out anything other than the pictures on the screen, images of two women and a man in bed, one of them being fucked as the other watched. I found a seat and sat and watched, feeling my cock begin to rise in my pants. I longed to take it out and stroke it but I couldn't see anyone else playing with themselves. Everyone seemed simply to be watching the movie. I changed seats but it was still the same-no one was masturbating. I didn't dare do it by myself and eventually left the cinema, my underpants wet with pre-cum. I actually ended up playing with myself in a darkened shop doorway near the theater until I squirted massively against the old wooden door. It was a relief, but I still really wanted to do it in the cinema with others doing the same thing.

I went back to the cinema some weeks later, determined to do it. It was later in the evening this time, and I felt much bolder. I stood at the back and waited until my eyes got accustomed to the dark. As they did so I saw a man in the second row from the back sitting with his cock out. God it was a lovely sight. Really stiff and standing up out of his trousers. He was slowly stroking it. I was amazed by his boldness. As I looked around I could see other men clearly playing with themselves but not so openly-just from their arm movements I could tell they were masturbating.

I sat behind the man who was openly masturbating but after a few moments he moved down to the far end of the row, near the wall. I wondered why but as I watched I saw him spurt a huge column of semen in the air and then several more. I guess he wanted to keep it off the rest of us but it certainly made me ache with desire to cum too. I was in the back row and visible to anyone coming in. I was still scared of the 'no misbehaving' sign so I didn't dare get my penis out in the open. I unzipped and hid it under my coat which was on my lap. I was so stiff! It felt lovely to begin stroking it and within seconds I began masturbating really fast, knowing that my arm movement was very obvious and that my coat was slipping from my lap and my cock could probably be seen.

I really didn't care at that point. I came massively, a huge warm spurt under my shirt which I opened up for that purpose. I spurted several times, moaning with pleasure and excitement. Once I was finished I buttoned up my shirt and zipped up quickly as I became a little scared about what I had done. I hurridly left the theatre through the exit at the front. The door led straight out into an alleyway, where some teenagers laughed at me, knowing where I had just been and no doubt what I had just done.

I took a cab back to my hotel, taking the opportuinty to look at my blue shirt absolutely soaked across the front. In my room that night, even though I had no porn and no porn channels, I masturbated again four times, each time to a massive orgasm. It was incredible. The memory of what I had done in the cinema was so exciting that everytime I thought about it I became hard again and wanted to masturbate. I had never before (or since) cum five times in one night.

I went back to the the theater about a year later and to my great disappointment it was no longer there but had been replaced by a restaurant. Maybe just as well-the second time could never have been as lovely as the first. Just remembering that night and writing about it has left me soaked with pre-cum and beautifully stiff. I have to go now and....



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