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Admitting It

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Nikki and I have been friends for years. However, when we both entered puberty, we knew we were keeping secrets from one another. One night, that all changed.


Nikki and I were having a sleepover. It had been a long day at school and we were both exhausted, so we agreed not to do much; just stay in and watch a movie. My parents were out.

I should point out that we are really close. For a long time we told each other everything. But since entering puberty, there were some things I felt I had to keep secret from Nikki, things I felt embarrassed about. Although she is very open about everything, I think she could tell that.

Anyway we were sitting silently, watching a pretty good movie and eating hot dogs. But Nikki didn't look too impressed.

'Oh I wish they had a sex scene in this movie,' she said suddenly.

'Oooh Nikki! You horny girl!' I shouted.

It was one of those nights were although I was a shy girl I still had a bit of confidence to say things like that. To be honest, I was a bit surprised at myself.

'Well come on it would spice up the story...'

It seemed like she wanted to say more.

'And...?' I asked expectantly.

'And give me something to masturbate to, I guess.'

I was really taken aback that she had said that. It was the first time I had ever heard her use that word.

'Oh...' I whispered.

'Oh come on Kay, don't pretend like you don't do it too!'

'I don't!' I was outraged by this.

'Come on, everyone does it! You're so lying!'

I couldn't help but feel myself turning red. I put my legs up on the chair and curled myself up like a ball.

'Ok...' I muttered, 'I do it.'

Although I had admitted my biggest secret I couldn't help but feel turned on.

'Ha I knew it! Why are you so embarrassed about it? Everybody does it! I do every day. How often do you do it?'

I uncurled myself and sat up.

'Every other day I guess, why are you asking me this?'

Nikki turned off the TV and knelt down in front of my chair.

'Come on, Kay, we tell each other everything. Masturbating and getting horny and stuff is just a part of life, and anyone who tells you they don't masturbate is lying!'

We giggled together at that. Hearing her talking about this had just make me so horny, I knew I had to do something about it quickly.

'Can I be honest with you Nikki?'

'Sure babes what is it?'

'I need to do it now.'

She looked up at me and grinned. She stood up and moved over to the sofa.

'Ok, but only if I do it with you.'

We hadn't seen each other naked since we were about seven years old in the swimming pool. We had changed a lot since then, and my pussy was wet for a whole other reason!

As I walked over to the sofa I started to take my clothes off. First my top, then my school skirt, until I was just in my bra and panties. Nikki too was undressing, she had bigger tits than me I noticed, if anything it just turned me on more.

I stopped and stood in front of her in my underwear, legs apart, looking the dominant figure if it was in a movie.

'Want to get naked with me, Nikki?'

'Oh yeah baby, show me that pussy! I want to see you rub that thing like there's no tomorrow!'

'You're so horny, aren't you?'

'Do you think I'd be doing THIS if I wasn't?'

She unhooked the back of her bra and let it drop to the floor; revealing her perfect tits. She then slowly moved her panties further and further down her legs until they too were on the floor. There she sat, legs open, pussy revealed to me. I felt like mine was going to explode.

I did the same until we were both completely naked, me on my chair and her on my sofa. I felt so free, fingering my wet pussy for the first time since I knew it was no longer a secret. Normally I gently rub to begin with but this time I dived right in there with two fingers.

While we jilled, we revealed so much to each other, me especially. Nikki did it more than I did, she even had a private dildo collection, which she hid under the floorboards in her room! We both watched porn secretly and although I felt great shame for watching it under 18 she was very insistent that many teenagers our age watch it.

'Why?' I asked.

'Because we're all horny and need something to help us get off silly! Imagination gets us only so far, and our imaginations are only such because we've seen porn!'

We did this and spoke for about ten minutes, until I suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

'Oooooooohhh shit! Fuck! Oh man I'm going to squirt!'

I could feel pussy tingling like mad as I saw her spray her juices all over my carpet, and a bit on me too. She looked at me and giggled, her three fingers still in her pussy.

She leaped up towards me and whispered excitedly: 'your turn, baby!'

She took her fingers our of her pussy and put them in her mouth. She loved to taste her juices, we had already discussed that.

I felt my pussy erupting, I knew I was moaning loudly but I didn't care, I knew I was cumming but I didn't want this feeling to stop.

'Ooooohhhhhhhh fuck I'm cumming, oh yeah baby fuck yeah awww man I'm going to cum so fucking hard!'

Nikki knelt in front of me again with her mouth open.

'Yes baby you can do this for me you can fucking cum for me yeah that's it squirt in my mouth!'

For the first time I felt like I was going to pee as I had an earth shattering orgasm, I let go of everything completely and felt myself squirt for the first ever time, not only that but in Nikki's mouth as well.

We cleaned up, still naked, and continued talking about masturbation long into the night. We did it three more times that night and even went a little further, but that's for another site. Now I'm really open about everything, but it all started with one of the best nights of my life, which itself started by me admitting 'it'.



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