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Addicted To Orgasms... Everywhere

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For HM


A very good friend of mine, sent me this link a week ago! Since then I have read every story, that was published every day. Sorry, my English is not the best, I am not a native speaker.

I have been masturbating since I was eleven, and I think I'm addicted. It is not a substitute for sex, it is something very important to me, even during the time I had a boyfriend I masturbated several times every day. Sometimes I get so horny during the day, often when I'm very busy or stressed out at work. Especially then, I have this intense desire to have an orgasm (maybe because I'm so relaxed after it?!). I can feel my pussy throbbing and swelling, getting wet without touching it. I don't know why I become so horny when there is really no time to masturbate. But I became an expert to get off myself very quickly and with an unbelievably good orgasm, within seconds sometimes. I do it at work, sitting at my desk, my finger slides down to my pussy, touching my lips gently, and I stimulate my clitoris in a passive way. I'm very sensitive down there, it doesn't take much to make me cum. I don't need to put anything inside. Most of my orgasms are clit orgasms. But I know there is a g-spot, too.

Today I did it twice in the library, while studying. A guy was sitting two metres away from me, but he couldn't see what I was doing under the desk with my right hand. It is not that it turns me on especially that there are other people in the same room. It's just this strong longing, which I can't stop feeling, and have to release otherwise I become really nervous and grumpy. Sometimes I think how often others might have caught me out in the past. I did it so often in public, it takes just seconds, but I'm sure there are some (lucky) people who saw what I did. I have this satisfied and happy face after I do it and sometimes I can't hide my body wince. I can do it with my jeans on, without making any noise. As I said I 'practiced' a lot!

But I also like to see others masturbating and let them see me. It is such a personal thing. It took me a while to let my (ex)boyfriend watch! But now, it is so much fun for me!

I had a wonderful affair, while I was in Australia for a few months this year. It turns me on when others watch me, see my spread legs, my shaved pussy and I love to watch a man cum. We just masturbated sometimes (which is very safe), and also a great option when I have my period, without having sex. I love this option, even with the partner. I miss his touch and it is a shame that he is so far away and can't share this pleasure with me any more. I told him about my attitude towards that and my addicted behaviour. I think it also turned him on a bit.

While I write this story I'm getting wet again. I will go for my third orgasm today!

Sometimes I can do it up to eight times in a row. This I can't do when I have sex, this is just something I can do on my own. It is a big gift and I'm so happy that I can do it. I have a lot of female friends who never ever had an orgasm, they don't know how it feels, unbelievable.

More details in my next story. This is the first time that I have written something like this! All the stories encourage me to write something, too, and I really hope to read something from my very special friend HM in Australia, who loves this page so much, too! Please... xxx



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