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Great site!


Thanks for this great site. Although I don't believe that all the story's are real I still think that they give a good idea of how people handle masturbation. I get a lot of pleasure out of it anyway. I'm a white male of 52, live in Holland and jack of at least twice a day. It used to be more ( 3-4 times a day) but it takes me longer now to cum so that limits me. Once, when I was 35 I tried to set a record. I did it 7 times that day. The last time it took me about an hour to come and my dick was sore. I have tried to repeat it several times but never succeeded. It must be my age. Nowadays I like to take it slow. I sit at my computer, read story's, look at a slideshow of pornpictures and masturbate slowly until I feel the need to cum then I speed up and cum all over myself.
I'm not circumsized. I read a lot on Solo about the trouble with right lubrication, about techniques and so on and realize I'm lucky. I just need my hand (although that has it's own problems, I have RSI on my right wrist so I'm learning now to use my left hand. Damn computers! )
I live with a wonderful woman and we have a very satisfying sexlife. We fuck about 3 times a week. Not more because she works very hard and needs to go to sleep early. It begins with cudling each other and then I eat her. I love her taste and her smell. I then fuck her slowly while she fingers herself to up to four orgasms. ( I'm jealous, wish I was multi-orgasmic) We share masturbation every now and then. She does it alone with a dildo I gave her (called Odilio, designed by a woman) and sometimes with me. She knows I do it every day but she does not know I do it so often, up to four times a day ( that was Yesterday when I had a day of). Some things you must keep secret.
Sometimes I think I'm a bit of a sex addict. When I have a day of and I'm home alone ( I work in shifts) I can spend all day masturbating. It takes a lot of time, but on the other hand it's a cheap hobby. I feel comfortable about masturbating. I see it as a normal way to releive the sexual tension I have. Otherwise I would be thinking about sex all day. I use only my (left) hand and the other hand to give some pressure below my balls. My hardon gets really hard that way. Sometimes I use a bit of vasaline to make my foreskin slide better. When I want something special I slide a finger up my ass or a kind of anal probe. I find the orgasms I get this way completely different. They come from inside my body and have not much to do with my erection. Often when I cum this way my penis is only half hard and I don't have to do much jackin but when I cum it is in enormous amounts. Everything is wet and I spurt all over my chest and my face. Once I got it in my eye, it really burned. It is also much thinner this way probabely because of the stimulation of my prostate gland. I never had a gay experience but sometimes I fantasise about it. But it will never happen I think because in my whole life I never met a man I felt sexualy attracted to.
There are two story's I like to tell about me jackin of with others. I will post them soon.



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