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Adam My Teacher

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An older boy showed me how to jack off when I was 14.


Adam was 17. That summer, he worked part time at my dad's printing shop. I knew him from the shop because I sometimes helped out with packing, etc. He owned a nice motor scooter so I thought he was pretty cool. He gave me a ride home a couple of times. One day in mid-August my dad closed the shipping room early after we had finished packing all the orders. It was a really hot day and there was no A/C in the warehouse. Everyone was soaked in sweat. 'Want to go for a swim, David?' Adam asked me. I couldn't wait to get to the beach.

We swung around by my house on his scooter. I changed into my bathing trunks, then drove over to his place where he did the same. There was a local beach in town but it was always crowded. Adam said he knew a better place to swim further up the lake. We rode to the edge of town and then on through bush trails to an isolated part of the lake about two miles away. There was no road but the scooter easily cut through the hilly trails to get us there.

I guess I was just beginning my 'sexual awakening' that summer. The hormones were starting to flow because I enjoyed riding close up to Adam's bare back as we zipped along through the bush on his scooter. I had my arms right around him, my hands pressed against his lower abs. I don't think it was really sexual - but then maybe it was. Adam seemed so much more solid and stronger than I was. Maybe I just admired his muscles, and his strength and size; and how cool he was, driving around town on that super scooter.

After a 20 minute ride, we ended up at the other end of the lake. There was no beach but there was a long smooth rock ledge that slopped down about 50 feet right into the water. No one was around, a perfect place to swim on a scorching hot day. Adam said he and some friends had discovered the spot a couple of years earlier. There were lots of empty beer cans and other stuff lying around, left over from bush parties. The sloping rock jutted out into the lake and abruptly dipped down at a very sharp angle. There was lots of space to run along the rock toward the lake and then dive in. It was fun to charge down the ledge and then plunge headlong into the lake. We spent quite awhile in the water.

At some point, Adam took off his trunks. He said it was really nice to swim bare butt and threw his trunks onto the rock. He told me not to worry about being seen by someone. People hardly ever came out this way because most didn't know about the spot. But at that point, I was too shy to take off my trunks in front of 'an older guy'. We continued our running dives from the rock ledge. It looked funny to see Adam's cock and balls flop around when he ran down the ledge. I was impressed by the size of his genitals. (Looking back today, I think his cock was very average but compared with my little member, his package seemed huge - I think his balls were larger than most though.)

Eventually, we left the water and stretched out to bask on the hot rock ledge. The sun was strong. That, plus the heat of the rock made me tingle in the gut. Adam was still naked although he kept his trunks nearby, just in case someone should happen along. My attention was naturally drawn to his cock and balls. I had never seen anyone naked since my father took showers with me when I was a little kid. Adam said he wanted to tan 'everywhere' so he sometimes stretched out nude in the sun for awhile when there was no one around to see.

We talked for awhile. He told me how much he liked this scooter - he wanted to buy a motorcycle in a year or two. He was going to attend a mechanics course in the fall so he could do his own repairs.

Eventually, the conversation turned to girls and sex. Adam asked if I liked girls and if they made me 'horny'. I didn't really know what horny meant but I think I said yes to both questions - it seemed the answer he was expecting me to give. He asked if I jacked my cock. I didn't know what that meant and I said no. He was surprised that anyone my age didn't know about jacking off. He said he had been jacking since he was ten years old. He offered to show me how it was done. Was I interested? Sure I was.

Adam started getting a hardon. Like me, he was not circumcised. While leaning back on the rock he started to play with his limp member, stretching it out and letting it snap back. As it swelled in size, he slapped it back and forth against his belly. Soon it had extended to its full length - can't say for sure, but likely five and a half inches or perhaps six. As his cock hardened, the foreskin receded back along the shaft exposing his naked cock head that was much thicker than the shaft. It looked like a purple plum. That was the first time I had seen someone else's hardon and I was fascinated by the difference in appearance between his and mine.

Adam's shaft and sack were darker in color. His balls were big and the sack hung low between his thighs. He had a lot of pubic hair. His legs were really hairy, too. The thin line of hair between his cock and his belly button was black and really dense - like a felt pen line had been drawn between his cock and belly button. I'm quite fair and even today my light body hair is not prominent so you can hardly see that line of hair on me. Anyway, we were lying on the rock ledge side by side, he without his trunks, me with mine on. Adam proceeded to demonstrate how to jack off.

He wrapped his fist around his hardened cock and slowly began stroking the shaft, pulling the foreskin right up and over the end of his cock head. He told me it felt really nice to stroke like that. I was very interested and an eager learner. I got a hardon from watching him.

Adam speeded up and settled into a steady stroking pace. After a couple of minutes of jacking himself, he invited me to do it for him. I didn't hesitate. I moved over closer and gripped his shaft just below the head, like he told me. My fist didn't quite reach all around his cock because the head was bigger than the shaft. Adam's cock felt soft and smooth, yet hard and rugged with big veins sticking out. His long ball-sack slid up and down his groin as I tugged on his cock.

Adam settled back against the ledge with his hands behind his head and relaxed as I did the work. His legs were parted and he had a look of real satisfaction on his face. For the next few minutes, I continued stroking trying not to get tired. His ball sack began to tighten up closer to the base of his cock. I asked him why his balls were crunching up to his cock like that and he said that he was going to 'cum' soon. He said I was stroking just right. Then he said, 'David, don't stop stroking until I tell you to stop. No matter what.'

Adam asked me to grip a bit firmer and go faster near the tip of his cock. I did as directed and stroked his cock head quickly. Quite suddenly, he seemed to go into another world altogether. Adam stopped talking and closed his eyes. He brought his hands down to his sides, palms flat against the rock ledge like he was bracing himself. His legs stiffened straight out. He arched up from the rock and got a really odd expression on his face. To me, it looked like he was in pain. I'm not sure that's what I thought, but I got confused by his sudden change in mood.

First, I hesitated a moment and then I stopped stroking. 'Don't stop! Don't stop!' he yelled at me as he instantly grabbed his cock himself, and stroked it really fast. The next moment, Adam let out with a loud, 'Aahhhhh' as thick white spurts shot out of his cock and into the air. The streams splattered onto his belly and chest in stringy milky blobs. His stroking slowed down as more flowed out onto his cock and hand. Then he let go and fell back onto the rock ledge like he was exhausted.

It seemed as though he had just been through a tough ordeal. The white blobs on his belly looked milky and sticky, like hair conditioner. Some of it began to trickle down his side. There was lots of it on his cock and in his pubic hair. As Adam calmed down, he slowly said, 'David, I told you not to stop.' I said I was sorry. I really was. He didn't seem to be too teed off now that it was all over.

Adam said the white stuff was semen and wiped the gobs from his belly onto the rock. There was lots of it matted into his pubic hair at the base of his cock. (I already knew about semen from sex-ed. classes but this was seeing the real thing for the first time - I was impressed. The teacher hadn't told us that semen shoots out like that or anything else specific about masturbation either.)

Adam told me that jacking off was the nicest feeling you could possibly have and said I could do it, too. I was still shy, but decided to try my hand at it anyway - there wasn't anyone else around, just Adam, so why not? I couldn't anticipate what the nice sensations would be like (since I had never experienced orgasm) but I was really curious to find out. I swallowed my shyness. Off came the swim trunks, exposing my much smaller hardon. I'm not circumcised so I had that in common with Adam. He did not comment on my genitals or my lack of pubic hair (that's what I was mainly shy about}. I started stroking but my cock was not very long back then, maybe three and a half inches or so. There wasn't enough space for my fist to go up and down the shaft.

By this time, Adam was hard again. He demonstrated another way of jacking. Using only his thumb and index finger on top and under his cock head, he pulled the foreskin back and forth over the head. That worked fine for me, too. Using just my finger and thumb gave me lots of stroking space. Adam was already at it for the second time while I set about to jack myself off.

At first, I didn't feel much sensation, but gradually a nice tingling began to build in my cock, balls and my whole pelvic area. The tingle became stronger and stronger. Then it happened. Suddenly, I couldn't stop stroking as the orgasm engine kicked into gear and walloped me with both barrels. What a wonderful, incredible feeling!

Three narrow jets of watery semen shot out of my cock head. Oh, man, I could not believe it. This was the coolest feeling I had ever experienced in my life. I will NEVER forget how great that first time felt; it was just so nice. I felt exhausted, almost faint.

Shortly after, Adam let out another, Aahhh and ejaculated again. But this time, his semen didn't shoot out like before - it just spilled over the top of his cock head sort of like hiccups. Adam said the second time felt even nicer than the first. Shortly afterwards, we both dove into the lake to clean off and cool down again.

Our little adventure came to an abrupt end. Adam heard someone walking down the trail toward the lake. We both swam as fast as we could to get back to the ledge for our swim trunks. A man with his little boy appeared at the far end of the rock ledge just as we climbed naked out of the water. My short cock was still hard and sticking straight out. Adam's full-sized shaft was hard too, his purple cock head bobbed up and down as he walked along the ledge to our swim trunks.

'What are you guys doing?' the man asked. Adam told him we had been skinny dipping.

'Is that all?' the man asked.

'What else would we be doing?' snapped Adam. 'And what business is it of yours?' he added.

The man didn't answer. I don't know if he believed Adam but we didn't care anyway. We got back into our swim trunks and left on the scooter. Adam gave me a ride back home. What a wonderful afternoon of discovery it had been for me.

I quickly caught on to jacking off. Bedtime was the best time because there were no interruptions. I used the thumb and finger method of stroking for the first year or so. In time, my shaft grew longer and I switched to the full fist method.

Adam and I didn't jack off together, again. He worked only part time and I was at the shop even less than he was so we met there only twice more that summer. I would have been interested in a repeat performance but Adam was preoccupied with other things on both occasions. Looking back, I don't think Adam was much interested in jacking off with me. Rather I think he just happened to be horny that afternoon back at the lake and I happened to be there, too.

Adam went away to school at the end of the summer and I haven't seen him since. I never jacked off with anyone else until last year when my girlfriend and I got into mutual jacking and jilling. Today, I'm 22 and my cock is a bit short of six inches long and almost five inches around. My girlfriend knows how to give a really good hand job. Having sex with her is great but I get the most intense orgasms by jacking off.



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