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Adam Delivers the Mail

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Adam was my postman and from being an acquaintance, he soon became a good friend. He would call in for a drink whilst on his round and we chatted about everything and anything.

We were much the same age, around 22 years then, similar build and height although I guessed his hair was fair (he'd shaved his head) but I was dark. We soon discovered our mutual interest supporting a rugby team and enjoyed going to matches together. Afterwards, in the pub' we'd discuss tactics, the prospects for the next game and the players.

One morning Adam called with his regular delivery of parcels for me; his leg was badly grazed after falling awkwardly from his van. I helped clean him up and persuaded him to remove his shorts so I could clean off the blood on those too. He agreed revealing some very tanned legs and thighs covered in bleached golden hairs. He was wearing tight white briefs and after saying how grateful he was for the help, I reflected that he had noticed the trail of my eyes looking at his rather tasty body.

Neither of us had declared our sexuality to the other but our bi tendencies were soon to be shared. Three days later, with Adam off work we decided to take in some sun on the roof of my flat. My home working meant that I often sat there with my laptop, it was quiet, entirely private and not overlooked. I had at one time gone naked when getting an all-over tan was fashionable.

We stripped to our shorts with Adam commenting on my hairy body and I replied that I'd much prefer to be smooth like him. You are never satisfied with what you've got!

I awoke from a doze with Adam laughing at what he described as a 'tented village'. I was on my back and looked down to see a real boner in my shorts - how embarrassing was that! I retaliated by saying I couldn't tell how he was feeling as he was on his stomach. He rolled over to face me showing a soft but prominent bulge in his shorts.

We laughed and talked seriously for the first time about sex, eventually admitting to each other that we liked the best of both worlds. We exchanged our fantasy stories and were amazed some involved the same girls we knew whilst others included those rugby players we saw each Saturday. From this point I am sure our friendship grew stronger. We had revealed no surprises to or about each other.

After a few hours of talking in the sun, Adam said there was one thing that he always had wondered about and would I feel embarrassed if he asked? I had no hang-ups about our relationship now so he revealed he wanted to know what a hairy body felt like against his own! Here I was with a pretty hairy chest and legs; I looked at his smooth chest with well-formed pecs and pronounced brown nipples thinking - why not? Adam put a hesitant hand over my chest and legs and then pressed his body against me so we were lying side by side. After a few minutes I entwined my legs around him. We lay there for a long time moving every so often so we could enjoy this new sensation. As I found myself moving on top of him, he moved his hands over my buttocks pressing down lightly on each to make our contact closer.

From that moment we both knew the next moves. Through our shorts we could feel our semis getting harder touching one another. It was great. I raised myself slightly rubbing my hands over his chest and down to his belly where a tantalising line of golden hair disappeared into his shorts. His hands were finding their way down the back of my shorts pushing them down. We were both naked in no time! We were now side by side on our towels touching our penises, balls and bodies with added urgency. I found his bush surprisingly thick hiding his cock and balls whilst mine was quite sparse. I glanced down to see his knob and tight balls and he copied, moaning quietly. (Later, we discovered we were both cut and of similar length and girth except his balls were bigger). It was an amazing experience for both of us. Neither of us could hold back much longer so with groans, grunts and thrusts he finished himself off shooting cum over our towels and me. I followed, drenching his hard flat stomach.

We lay there holding on to one another for a long time. Adam admitted having one of his fantasies now fulfilled - jerking off with a hairy man! It wasn't long before we were aroused again - and again! The magic of that day will live with both of us forever.

This was the beginning of a long and very happy friendship. He continues to deliver the mail - and much more!



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