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'Activity Hour' Means Playtime!

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This happened a couple of days ago.

It was around noon that I walked out of the Fine Arts building, after a tedious two hours in one of my studio classes. I was feeling a little hot, a little 'amped' from some pleasant but dirty thoughts I was having in class. For some reason, all morning as I sat in the chair, drawing away, I kept thinking about getting fucked, getting boned, getting ravaged, getting broken-in...Ooooh, so many names for it...If any of you have read my previous story (Please say 'Yes, yes!'), you remember how I quickly, even desperately complained about how I crave to be fucked, how I want to get my virginity out of the way (pleasurably annihilate it), how much I want a steel-hard cock pumping away inside my tight, virginal hole, etc. Well, the craving hasn't gone away.

At certain points as I shaded this and that, erased this area, and tweaked this part of my drawing, I felt my innocent pussy (Yeah, right!) begin to throb thinking of all those nasty thoughts! Of course, my hot, horny thoughts end up coming back to one great, luscious image in my pretty little head, some guy furiously jacking off his rod. Hah! It's like I'm in Candyland when I think about a guy jacking off. (My cunt's tingling...)

At the university I go to, they have aptly named from noon to one pm, 'Activity Hour' for the students, you know, a little time for lunch, relaxation, any campus events, etc. I don't know if that's what they call it at other universities. You'll see where I'm going with this. Let's continue...

So I got into my car, and headed home for a little break, something I usually do since I live only a few minutes away from school. When I arrived home, entered the house, I suddenly realized something: Empty house. Quiet. You're horny and wet (nothing new). And you have two more classes, which one, by the way, is nearly three hours long.

Obviously, I wasn't going to pass up this little break. I needed a recharger! I quickly dropped my purse and walked into my room. Okay, get your cocks out, boys! (If you haven't already.)

I sat on the bed, and suddenly pulled the pink tank I was wearing down, along with my bra; my B-cup sized breasts spilled over and I cupped them gently, sort of bouncing them in my hands...Ahh, I liked the way the felt, soft, warm, bouncy. No wonder guys like them. They felt so good, so soft and fluffy like pillows! I cupped both my tits and paid special attention to my 'right girl.' I grabbed it firmly and then bent my head to lick my nipple; my hot tongue gently flicked around it, making circles. Soon it became erect, and I closed my eyes, thinking, 'If only this was a sexy guy going this to me, hmm...' I did the same with my 'left girl', licking away at my pretty nipple, and soon that one was hard like a fleshy bead as well. But I wasn't done with them yet: I started to tug on them a little, sort of twisting and tweaking them between my fingers. I was getting into it now; my pussycat was starting to purr and throb as I felt the sensation of my nipples being pulled on. By now, I was making little soft, feminine whimpers, moans. Hearing myself moan and squeal makes me hot!

I was ready to finger my wet pussy...Yay!! I got up and quickly took of my jeans, but did I have time? I quickly dismissed that thought. Heck, I was just going to have to be a little late for class. I needed to cum so bad! So I continued; I pulled off my black panties and suddenly squatted down, my knees bent, my hungry pussy gaping open. I kept making tiny moans as I played with my firm, swollen clit; my heart beat faster feeling this. I immediately sunk my two 'Lefty' fingers into my hole and went to work. I didn't even bother with one, I wanted to GET OFF! Oh gosh, it felt so good, boys...I love it!

My pussycat was happy, she was really hot, and making these pretty, wet, smacking sounds as my finger pumped into me. My sweet, warm smell was making me wetter, hotter! I moaned hard feeling my fingers bathed in my juices...I could feel that special, warm feeling deep in my abdomen as I kept plunging my fingers back and forth. 'Oooh, if only I had a nice, fat cock in me!' I was thinking something along the lines of that as I was going away at my hungry pussy.

But I didn't finger myself like this for long; I got up on my bed, lied down, and spread my legs wide. By now, my pussy was weeping, flowing with my sweet juices. I was so wet that I could feel it drip from pussy and down into my crack...So wet that it was easy to slip three fingers into me. But three fingers were a little uncomfortable so I stuck to two. I took my fingers and consistently ran them back forth from my swollen, sensitive clit, all the way down to my crack, swirling them in my wetness. I was squealing loud while the house was silent.

Anyway, let me fast forward, because I KNOW you're about ready to cum now (Please say 'Yeah, baby!') Cum on, cum with me...Please...

I could tell this was going to be a quickie orgasm...My moans became uncontrollable now as my right hand grabbed my breast and I fingered my wet tunnel like crazy. I had started to grab my pillow, my covers, my titties, anything; I needed something to hold on to! My thoughts were going wild with yummy images and words and sounds. I was moaning in a tiny, whimpering voice, 'Fuck me, Daddy...' over and over. When I say that, I don't actually mean the real thing like a father, NOT THAT, but it means something totally different. It's a fantasy of mine to call my guy 'Daddy' in intense sexual moments. I don't know, it just gets me off. But once again, my 'imaginary guy' was fucking me hard, and saying in a breathless voice, 'Who's your Daddy...' Sounds corny, I know, but I LIKE IT!

My fingers were bringing me closer; they were now frantically rubbing my swollen clit. I thought of him saying, 'Daddy's cummin'...' (Aaaahhh!)

Blast off...I was gone. As soon as I felt it build to pleasurable, tight bliss deep in my abdomen, in my clit, my back arched, and I screamed, I really did! It was loud, girly, and drawn out at each spasm of my climax. I did my usual technique and quickly pumped my fingers back and forth into my soaking wet cunt while I came. The sound of my hungry pussy making wet, gushy smacking sounds as my juices spilled out echoed off the walls, along with my screaming voice. I wonder if I could have been heard from outside.

Once my orgasm tapered off, and I stopped trembling, I pressed my thighs together tightly (I don't know why I do that after I cum). It had felt sooo good!

I stayed like that for a few minutes, but I realized that I didn't have time for seconds because it was nearing one o'clock. I fixed myself up quickly and soon headed out of the door, feeling a little more relaxed, you know, less tense.

Maybe I should take advantage of that 'Activity Hour' from now on!

Oh, did you cum with me? Was I good?



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