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Across the Street (1)

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I'm a 19 year old guy and I've been wanking since my mid teens. Usually I wank in my living room, and it faces out to the street. It's a massive turn on to know that people driving past could see me wanking. But what turns me on the most is Chloe. Chloe is the woman who lives across the street. She's an awesome looking blonde, with massive curly hair. She is in her mid 40's and has the tightest ass and awesome boobs, around size C breasts. She has an amazing body, and legs... She's about five and a half foot tall.

One day I'm wanking off to some porn in my living room, on my own in the house, and I'm fantisizing about Chloe seeing me. How would she feel seeing me wank my hard six inch cock. Would she be turned on? I'm thinking about grasping those firm, juicy tits and ripping off her shirt and bra... At this point I'm so turned on.

I watch as Chloe walks past my house, in a tight tank top and jeans. Her ass looks amazing.... Obviously I move away from the window so she can't see me. Quickly my mind turns back to the porn I'm watching, and I forget about Chloe as my mind gets caught up in the sexy little pornstar I'm watching.. A little while later, I'm still wanking and theres a knock on the door. I try to ignore it, but the person is insistent. Pissed off, I pull up my trousers and walk to the door.

There she is, in a completely different, completely slutty outfit. Chloe is wearing a push-up bra, because her breasts look massive and amazing. Without a word she walks in... Inititally I'm pissed off, What the hell is she doing?! But then she goes to my laptop and says

'I knew it, a stupid little slut... she's not even hot'

I'm shocked, what is happening?

'I could, and will, do better than that'

Before I can even speak she pulls me by the hand and sits me down next to her... Slowly, she pulls me close and kisses me hard. Her lips taste so good, and quickly I'm horny. I regain my composure and start to kiss her back.. I gently touch her leg... Running my hand from her knee to mid-thigh. But then she stops;

'As I said, I can do better'

She puts her hand on my crotch, and my dick is instantly hard. This is so sexy! The woman I'd fantisized about is actually stroking my crotch. She pulls my dick out and starts to give me a handjob... She's so good at it, making me want to cum in seconds. But I hold it in and look in her eyes as she jerks my cock. She's clearly fixitated by it. She must be horny as hell, so I grab her top and pull it off.. She isn't wearing a bra (how hot!) and her tits bounce out... They are so huge! I start to rub her nipples and grope her breasts.

Soon, I'm starting to cum, she grabs my dick and moves her head towards it. I blow my load over her face, some of it even gets into her hair... I nearly pass out in joy from the sight of her hot face covered in my load. Quickly, I take off her jeans to see her in her hot boyshorts... Completely made of lace. I pull them off, and stare at her shaven pussy... So hot, so wet. I spread her legs and start to rub her... I've had sex before so knew exactly what I was doing, and soon she was moaning... I ran my hand over clit, but quickly started to finger her. She was so horny that I put two fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her really hard and fast. She was loving it, moaning constantly.

Eventually, I had her coming... The horny MILF started to orgasm all over my hand.. I fucked her with my hand faster and harder until she started to rock her hips into me.. I think I touched her G-spot, because her vagina just clenched massively! She started thrusting and then just screamed! She squirted all over my hand, and living room!! So hot.

By the time she recovered, my parents were nearly home. She ran out of the house, but left so quickly that she left her hot lacy panties behind.. Boy was I gonna have fun with those tonight!

Comment to tell me if you like the story and then maybe I'll post to tell you what happened when I gave her the panties back.



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