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Across the Fence

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Let me set this scene. I live on a hillside where my back porch looks toward the back of my neighbor's house. There is a low, solid, fence between us, but when I stand I can fully see their bath and bedroom windows.
This particular morning I was standing on the porch when I notice that my neighbor's bath and bedroom windows were open. I could see some of the bath and the almost the entire bedroom. As I stood just absent-mindedly looking, the 'lady of the house' got out of the shower and began drying her body.
I had seen her several times and she was an older gal, maybe 50, but not bad looking at all. I admired her body, long legs, nice breast and well-rounded rump. It was obvious that she took care of her self.
I could see her smooth tanned skin, the delicate curve of her shoulder, the gentle sloop of her back and just a hint of her butt. I was intrigued and stretched to my tiptoes trying to see more. Her movements were fluid and graceful as she busied herself doing whatever it is that women do when they finish a shower.
In a few minutes she wrapped the towel around her hair, turned off the light and exited the bathroom. I thought my observation ended when she turned on the bedroom light and walked full view to me through the door.
Now I could see her whole naked body, great breast, smooth flat tummy, well-trimmed bush and wonderful legs. She didn't even glance at, nor act as though she knew the blinds were open. As she approached the full-length mirror next to her dresser I realized that now I could see both sides at once. What a glorious sight, totally naked, except for her slippers and a towel around her head. I was enthralled.
I also was getting a hard on. I suppose, that without thinking I slipped my hand into my sweats and began to rub my dick. The longer I watched her, the more I rubbed and the harder my dick got. Before long I had to release 'the monster' and slid my pants down just enough to free my dick.
She seemed to intently study the reflection in the mirror for a few moments and then stepped back slightly and turned a bit sideways then began hefting the weight of her breast and running her hands along them, culminating when her thumb and index finger closed around, and pinched, her nipples. She held her left breast in her left hand and toyed with her nipple, pinching it, gently twisting it and generally making it as hard as my dick.
I had begun to stroke my manhood in a slow, but steady, rhythm its full length from my balls to the head. That hand was now busy squeezing and massaging my balls.
She stood there for a few seconds studying the reflection in the mirror and then began to stroke the length of her torso, running her hands down her tummy, across her mound and between her legs on both sides of her pussy. She did this several times and then slid her second finger into her crack and only the back of her hand covering her mound was visible to me. The hand stroking my dick picked up the pace a tad.
She put her foot on the top edge of her dresser and exposed her womanhood in the mirror. She watched, and I watched, as she slipped her finger into her pussy and drew back her moisture and worked her clit, spreading her lips with her other hand. I had clear view of the action. To say the least, my attention was riveted on the mirror.
I stroked faster now and she moved her fingers faster on her love button. I could see the wetness on her hair and hands grow. She never took her eyes off the mirror, and neither did I. We were, at this point, almost in unison in our fevered pitch to reach, what now seemed to be, our mutual goal.
I stroked faster and faster and she rubbed faster and faster. Her face contorted in pleasure and I am sure mine was too as I began to go over the edge and fluid begun to squirt from me. Not geyser, as young men shoot, not long strings or ropes of cum, but a healthy blast and far enough that it landed on the steps and handrail of the porch.
Still in the throws of reaction to the pulsing of my dick, I saw her begin to shake and quiver, arch her back and cum. She put her foot down and had both hands locked by her thighs in her crouch. Her Nipples were hard as steel bullets.
I watched as she came down from that trip up joy mountain, my dick softened and the last of my cum dripped to the boards beneath my feet.
I was little weak in the knees and leaned against the porch rail as I noticed she was standing at the end of her dresser holding on with both hands. A few seconds later she regained her composure and moved off to the right out of my sight, I pulled up my pants and stepped inside to get a drink. When I returned, the blinds were closed.
Later that afternoon I mowed the back lawn and as I turned off the mower I heard her voice from the other side of the fence, 'Hello there, neighbor.' I stepped up on the bottom rail of the fence so I could see over and said, 'Hello yourself.'
She was kneeled in her flower garden wearing some very cute, form hugging, shorts, and a loose fitting shirt that hung open at the neck and afforded me a view of her breast. She smiled sweetly at me and asked, 'Did you have fun this morning?' 'Whatever are you talking about?' I asked in return. 'The little show I put on for you.' She laughed. 'Oh, come on', she said, 'I could see you in the mirror as well. That was quite a show you put on.'
I must've blushed because she said, 'Isn't that cute, a grown man turning red?' She stood, took the two steps to the fence and took my hands in hers. 'I had a real good time, and it looked like you were too. We must do it again sometime.' She turned on her heel and marched to the back door. As she open it she turned, winked at me and exposed her left breast. I almost fell off the fence.



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