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According To Sue

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Hi everyone. A good friend of mine told me about what she and a few other girls did at the end of the summer. I was unable to go with her and now I kick my butt. I hope something good like this happens again so I can be there.

My friend Sue attended a sex wear & toy party with about 10 others. I also know a few of the girls & they can get pretty rowdy when they get together.

After the show was over the sales hostess who is also pretty wild told the girls that they could stay behind to try out a few of the toys if they liked & that a male model may show up for their entertainment. They were told if nudity & sexuality was something they wanted to see, they should stay around after the show.

All the girls left except for my friend Sue & three of the wild ones. The sales hostess & party hostess Lynn, took them to the basement where the fun would soon be. They were each given a robe & told to go into the bathroom & change. The girls came out to find the hostess & Lynn also wearing robes. On a table were some of the toys that were offered at the party & a box of condoms. The hostess & Lynn took the toys & rolled condoms over them & passed them to the girls to try out for real. As the girls laughed & handled the toys in walked a guy who would be the eye candy to get them more excited. He was the boyfriend of the sales hostess & Sue describes him as a sexy bald hunk of man. He had no hair on his head body or anywhere else. He was medium height with a muscular build. He was also in a robe & asked to sit in a kitchen chair they had brought in. He took off the robe & put it on the chair then sat his naked body down on top facing the girls. Sue said he had a nice bald set of balls & his cock was already standing out semi erect. His girlfriend handed him a bottle of lube & asked the girls if they wanted him to start his show yet. The girls all yelled out loud at the same time & he was told to start the show. Sue said it was very sexy to see this guy masturbating in the chair like nobody was around. The girls all had different toys to play with & Sue said she was one of the first to slide her robe off & turn on the condom covered toy. She told me she felt no shyness at all for some reason & she felt very comfortable sitting back with her legs open buzzing her nub with all the others there. She said she actually forgot about the girls for a while & was able to cum once before the others got going. She told me the masturbating guy occupied her mind completely until after she orgasmed & could hear the other girls moaning. Sue looked around & saw all the others playing with their pussies at the same time. She said it was like an orgy only nobody was having sex with each other but they sure were having fun.

This portion of the party went almost as long as the sales part according to Sue. She said the sales hostess stayed dressed for a while then joined in to please her own body & watch her boyfriend masturbating. Once the others were all finished buzzing & masturbating she stepped forward & stood beside her boyfriend who was still masturbating off & on. She told the girls he needed to finish because the night was coming to an end. She knelt beside him & started masturbating him fast. When she saw he was closer to cumming she slowed right down & asked the girls if anyone remembered one of the benefits of that lube. Before they could answer she said 'it's strawberry flavored' then while his body tightened up to orgasm, she put the tip of his cock in her other hand while continuing to masturbate him. Sue said his body tightened up & his chest moved in & out hard drawing fast deep breaths so she knew he was filling her hand with his cum. Sue said his body was a beautiful sight to see with all his muscles rippled & flexing with orgasm. She said she would have liked it better if the girl just let him cum for the girls to see rather than hiding his cum & keeping it to herself. She said judging by the actions of his body he probably had quite a powerful squirt & she would have liked to see his cum shoot in the air.

After Sue told me about the night I was very disappointed that I missed it. I told her to make sure she lets me know if there's another. The sales hostess told Sue her boyfriend would most likely not be at another party. She said it was a fantasy come true, mutually agreed to do for him if the right crowd came along. She said she does offer the girls to get together & try out the condom covered toys depending on who the hostess is & how she reacts to the chance to have the after show fun. I'm going to see if I can host my own party & maybe talk her into bringing the muscle hunk again. I'm sure if they both enjoyed it once they'd do it again if asked, or begged.

Now it's time for me to masturbate & think about Sue's story one more time. I've already enjoyed countless orgasms since the day she told me about it. It would have been a ton of fun to have been there. I know I would've been sitting right beside Sue rubbing or buzzing my nub & cumming as many times as I could while watching the show & enjoying company of the other girls cumming too.



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