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Accidentally Naked at the Beach

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I can still hardly believe it, but this actually happened to me last summer...

One day last summer, I drove my mother to Jones Beach on Long Island. She's getting older, my father can't get around easily anymore, and I agreed to accompany her. She loves the ocean...

The surf was very rough, so she stayed on the sand by the edge of the water. I went right in, but was immediately pulled down by a big wave, and twisted around by the undertow. When I came up, I wasn't hurt, but something felt strange. MY BATHING SUIT WAS GONE! In two seconds, the water had twisted and pulled my bathing suit completely off.

My first thought was 'I just lost my new bathing suit.' Then I thought 'So I'll just get a new one.' Suddenly I realized the situation: I was standing totally naked in the water on a crowded beach, with hundreds of people all around me! This could be many peoples' worst nightmare, including mine. A part of me panicked. But a part of me felt very aroused. I was standing near several women and girls, totally naked, and they had no idea!(You can't see very far in rough ocean water.) I could feel the water around my body. I looked down, and saw my penis through the water. Then I looked up and saw the teenage girls near me. I touched myself gently, and felt my penis start to swell...

Suddenly I realized my predicament. I had to get out of the water. Then I remembered that my mother was still there back on the sand. I shouted to her, but she couldn't hear me because of the crashing waves and wind and people playing in the water. So I frantically waved my arms over my head to get her attention, then cupped my hands and screamed 'I lost my bathing suit, GET A TOWEL!!' She saw me but couldn't hear the words. Suddenly I heard one of the teenage girls near me shout 'HE LOST HIS BATHING SUIT-GET A TOWEL!!' Then I saw my mother jump up and SCREAM! She ran off to get the towel.

So NOW everyone around me knew that I was naked. The level of the water kept changing, because of the undertow and high waves, so sometimes I had to crouch down in very little water to keep myself covered. Everyone was bobbing around with the surf, and occasionally I found myself very close to some of the girls, almost touching them. Several times, I saw one of them look down my body, then back up to my face. Could she see my penis through the water? I looked down at it, touched myself gently again, and felt my penis start to swell. I felt so aroused now, knowing that the girls knew I was naked. I stroked myself and gazed at the women and girls all around me, so pretty in their bikinis, and so innocent, not knowing what I was doing...

I turned around and saw my mother running back with a towel. She threw it towards me, but it landed very short, I had to crouch down in shallow water, and then crawl/swim towards towards the towel. And I must say that trying to wrap a wet towel around you underwater is almost impossible. It took me five minutes, I must have looked really funny! But I did it, came out of the water wearing the towel, and left with my mother, who was laughing hysterically.

As we were walking away, a group of five or six young teenage girls were staring at me, pointing, and giggling loudly. They had obviously heard and saw what happened. Later, I wondered if any of them had been aroused by my predicament. Had they thought about it later, when they were by themselves? I know I did, for days afterwards...

For the women reading this, I would love to hear from you. Were you aroused? I know that I'm getting excited thinking that you were!



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