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Accidental Voyeurism

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This story is completely true and is not really intended as erotica. I have to get it off my chest what happened and I can't tell anyone I know, for obvious reasons.

A couple of weeks ago it was the first warm day of the year and I had to go up in the attic of our house to check on some of the new insulation we had installed last fall. We have an older house and the attic access hatch is in my eighteen-year-old daughter Kayla's closet. The hatch is positioned in such a way that the only way I can get up there is to go into her closet, close the door most of the way, and then set up my stepladder.

My wife and my other two kids were out shopping and Kayla was out with friends when I went up and so I was home alone, but about ten minutes after I went up, Kayla came home. I heard rustling in her room below me through the open attic hatch but didn't really think much of it. Then, all of a sudden, I heard light moaning from below.

I quietly made my way over to the hatch to find out what was going on. The closet door was closed to the point that I couldn't see anything, but once I was close enough to the open hatch I could easily hear a fast, rhythmic and wet schlicking sound and gentle moaning coming from her room.

I'm not going to spell out the gory details of what happened, but suffice to say it took her about ten minutes to reach climax and her moans sounded exactly like the ones my wife Laura makes when she masturbates. Also just like her mother, Kayla rested for about two or three minutes and then quickly had a second and a third orgasm in short succession. Judging from the intensity of the moans, the third one was the strongest, also just like with Laura.

Due to being in the presence of all that fiberglass insulation I wasn't in any mood to risk exposing any sensitive skin and jerking off, but I definitely wanted to by the end of it. Fortunately, Kayla left her room to go back outside again soon after finishing up, and so I was able to get out of the attic without her ever being the wiser. I jerked off lying on her bed and felt insanely guilty about it afterwards, and I still do.

I'm still feeling insanely guilty about all of this. I am not in any way attracted to my daughter, but voyeurism is one of my turn-ons and I can't help remembering the situation sometimes when I'm horny. I'm also having trouble having sex with Laura lately since her moans just put me mentally back in the attic.

That's my story and I feel better for having written it out. I can rationalize that I had no control over being put into the situation I was in, but it's hard to rationalize just how much it turned me on.



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