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Accidental Locker Room Viewing

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I'm not exactly sure if this is male-male or just male but it doesn't matter


This was my first even bi-curious event in my life but I have had a few since then.

First off I went to a very small private school from seventh grade till graduation. in eighth grade when I was 13 I had already been there a year and knew everybody in my grade (there were only 34 of us) and I had grown particularly close to one guy in my grade, we can call him Steve.

He was about five four with long head-banging hair and was skinny as a twig. We were on the soccer team together that year and though I was close with everybody in the grade he was definitely my best friend in the grade.

Since it is not required nobody changed their boxers at my school but he wore a kind of loose boxers where the middle part ended very far down so they were almost like tighty-whiteys but still loose like boxers. Anyway one day after a hard practice when all the guys were much sweatier than usual we went back in to change.

After I finished changing into my school uniform we were talking about girls and video games, the normal stuff when he lifted up his leg to put his foot into his shorts his boxers slipped just a little but just enough so that I could see his whole cock and his sweaty sack. He hadn't developed much yet with a bit of hair and a slightly thicker and longer dick dick than me(I had a bit of hair but I had only grown a bit). I was cool with it it was just that it was the first uncut dick I'd ever seen in real life and it turned me on to say the least.

I was never sure if he knew that I saw him but I definitely knew. So later that day after school had ended I was in the car going home and it was an old suv and the vibrations + the thoughts of the uncut dick of my best friend I had just seen really turned me on and as I was about to cum the vibrations were so strong. We were suddenly home and the feeling subsided. I was the horniest I'd ever been and I had to go up to my room quick to jack off or I was going to burst. I learned about masterbation when I was about 10 and it's been a relaxing and vigorous event since then.

I found this website a year ago and I haven't thought much about it since then but I was thinking about it today so I edged the way I did after school that day and blew my load about 20 minutes ago and wrote this but it's not over. I have always been a big edger and I had one of the best orgasms of my life after that encounter and that helped me get a little less horny whenever I see him.

More stories to cum hope I turned y'all on.



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