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'Accidental' First Time With a Friend

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I never expected this to happen, but it did.


Like most guys I had friends over to spend the night fairly often.  When I was thirteen I had a new friend over for the first time.  We did typical guy stuff-talked about girls a lot, listened to music, etc. We also decided it would feel good if we gave each other massages.  Since I'd read a book about massage, I gave him his first, so then he would have a better idea what to do.


We were already in our underwear-tighty whities-for bed.  He laid down and I sat on his butt, while I gave him a neck, back, and shoulder rub.  When I got to the bottom of his back, I felt a little weird about it but I scooted down a little bit and rubbed his butt muscles well also.  We were both involved in sports, so I knew how all your muscles get sore.

Then I scooted down lower and worked on one leg at a time, from the calf up to the thigh.  I spread his legs a little so I could use both hands around his muscled hamstrings.


Then I moved to the side and told him to roll over.  When he did, I could see the outline of his penis pushing up against his briefs.  I'd never seen another guy erect and was kind of surprised.  I was a horny young teen, so I knew you get hard at odd times and sometimes for no reason at all, so I didn't think too much about his-it just happens.


But I felt my own penis starting to grow at seeing his, and hoped he wouldn't notice.  I assumed his boner had just happened 'accidentally', but I sure didn't want it to seem like I was turned on by seeing it (even though I guess I was haha).


As he lay stomach up, I sat as I had on his backside, straddling his upper thighs, only now that put me just below his erect penis and testicles.  I rubbed each arm thoroughly, and to get the front of his shoulders well, I had to kind of lean over his penis, but was careful not to touch it.

I was completely hard by now as well.  Fortunately, he seemed to be keeping his eyes closed and just enjoying the massage.  (I found out later, he was embarrassed by his own erection and so he was trying not to look at me).

This gave me a good chance to look more closely at the approximate size of his penis and testicles, which seemed very similar to my own.  I had a lot of curiosity at that age about anything sexual.  It left a lot to the imagination but you could still see quite a bit through his stretched fruit-of-the-loom cotton fabric, including the outline of the rim of his cockhead.


After working the chest area well, then stomach a little, I again scooted down over his calves so I could rub his front leg muscles.  I worked my way slowly up the thighs.

As I was rubbing his hips, for some reason I decided to just massage his penis like it was any other body part.  To this day I have no idea why.  Touching another dude's penis wasn't something I'd ever thought about doing, but it just seemed odd to leave out this one body part.

So with both hands, through his underwear, I kneaded his penis between my thumbs and fingers.  When I first touched it, he jumped ever so slightly-not alarmed, just slightly surprised I guess.  But he didn't say to stop or anything like that, so I continued.

The whole massage took about 40 minutes, so this part was maybe a couple minutes, working my way up and down the shaft, rubbing his dick between my fingers and thumbs.  Although I still had an erection, I didn't really consider what I was doing to him to be sexual, just a massage.


We switched places (I tried to lay down really quick so he wouldn't see my rigid penis), and he did a really good job on me as well.  I felt very relaxed-except for one very unrelaxed body part! 

Laying there, I now understood why he had an erection.  With my erect penis underneath me, every time he massaged my lower back, butt, or thighs, I could feel my dick being pushed against the bed.

I had hoped by the time it was necessary to roll onto my back, I would be soft again.  But with the constant rocking movement, there was no way.  When I turned over, I still had a hard-on making a tent in my underwear.  I knew he had to have seen it, just as I couldn't miss his.  Not knowing what to say about such a thing at this age, neither of us said anything.


While giving my massage, my friend pretty much mirrored what I'd done to him earlier, so I wondered if he would touch my penis as I had his.  I wasn't so much thinking that I wanted him to.  It was more that I really liked him as a friend, and I was worried that maybe by touching him I had alienated him.  He hadn't said anything positive or negative about what had taken place, so I didn't know what his silence meant.


As he was working his way up my thighs towards my hips-and dick - the suspense was getting to me.  I was also still embarrassed about this boner that wouldn't go away, so for both those reasons I kept my eyes closed, not looking at him.

His hands got closer, closer-what would happen?  If he didn't rub it, I'd be afraid he'd never come over again and our friendship would be over.  I felt his hands close in, rubbing my hips, then where the top of the thigh connects to the abdomen, then the soft tissue around the base of my shaft.  Then I felt his fingers touch my bulge, finally.  My friend was touching me in a way nobody had ever touched me before.

I felt a sense of emotional relief at that...but something else too.  I'd masturbated before, but since this wasn't 'stroking', I didn't expect it to feel so good.  I guess at 13, I was naive about a lot of things, but I just expected it to feel like my other muscles did, but it was beyond that of course.

As I felt his fingers squeezing my hard but pliable tissue, it sent pulses of pleasure that seemed like they went all the way to the base of my spine.  It just lasted a couple minutes, but they were very pleasurable minutes.


That was the extent of what happened that first night, but we became really good friends.  Our birthdays were exactly two months apart and we had a lot of other things in common.  Because he shared a room with a younger brother, my friend usually stayed at my house.  My siblings were grown and I had my own room and bathroom, so we had a lot of privacy to talk about girls and what we'd like to do with them-plus we would soon need privacy for other things.


Every time he'd come over, we did lots of other things, but we never missed finding time to give each other massages.  Although he never said anything, I guess touching each other down there was more than just 'ok' with him, because the time we spent massaging this 'muscle' kept increasing a little more each time we did it.

It was always the last body part we rubbed, and I felt myself looking forward to it more and more.  About the third or fourth time we did this, when my friend rolled over, the tip of his penis was sticking out of the waistband a little-I guess we were both getting a little bigger as we grew, or maybe he was looking forward to it a little more each time just like I was haha.

It looked painful because the band was kind of half over the opening of his penis.  I didn't want to be scraping the band back and forth over his slit when I rubbed, so when I got to that part, I folded his underwear down toward his thighs, exposing his bare, untanned penis.


I'd seen other guy's penises in our gym class locker room and showers at junior high.  A couple times I'd seen a few guys starting to get hard, but like I did when it happened to me, they hid their erections pretty quickly, wrapping a towel around their waist, or pulling on some underwear even if they were still wet.

I'd never seen a hard dick like this - with a full on erection-and right in front of me too! 

So I was more excited than usual as I got a good look at the geography of it.  But I didn't intend for it to go anywhere.  I still considered masturbation to be a 'private' activity.  I rubbed his penis as usual, then returned his briefs to their correct position.

Even though my penis wasn't sticking out (not because it was shorter, I just had looser underwear), when he did me, he also pulled my underwear down.  I felt my face flush, because nobody had ever seen my erect penis before.  There was something about this that made me feel very vulnerable, but also excited as the cool air hit my boner.

It felt awesome the have his skin touching my skin directly.  I felt my dick contract involuntarily as he began to rub.


The next time, or maybe the time after, when I was rubbing his back and got to his butt, I just pulled his underwear all the way off.  It was, after all, kind of in the way for a massage-especially the way we were doing it.  When he rolled over to have his front rubbed, I swear he looked bigger than I'd ever seen him before.

When my turn came, he did the same thing to me.  I couldn't believe the rush that came over me when he pulled my underwear down and I could feel my bare dick being pressed against the sheets as he massaged me.

He had put his underwear back on when he started my massage.  In spite of touching each other's penises regularly, we were still a little modest.  He didn't want to have his package touching my bare skin (I guess it would have only been his balls because his rod would have been pointing straight up ha).

Since he was 'dressed', I was embarrassed to roll over.  We'd always had the cover of underwear before, now I was naked.  It was scary but exciting.


This too became the norm for us as he spent the night every two or three weeks.  We got to where we'd give more than one massage a night-probably because each of us enjoyed having his dick rubbed like that.

As I said, the penis rub was always 'the icing on the cake', and the icing kept getting thicker - with the amount of time rubbing getting a little longer each time.  We still massaged the penis, but also did a little bit of stroking.  By this point we were also getting some precum, especially my friend.  He always oozed a lot.  While I was massaging him, it would drip from his penis tip onto his belly.  So instead of getting him sticky there, I started, whenever I'd see a drop, to take it and rub it around the head, making it all shiny, and of course he began to do the same for me.  In my young mind, it was all still just massage, though.


It seemed like I had always been the one initiating things going a little further-the massage, rubbing his penis, pulling the underwear back, taking it off completely, using the precum.  That was about to change though.


As our penis massage sessions grew, there were two or three times I started to feel the beginning part of some waves of pleasure coming on-you know, that change from your penis just feeling good to where you feel kind of a rising tingle, then it subsides, then comes again a little stronger etc, until after a while of this you've arrived at orgasm.  Well, I'd just started to feel the first part of this so I had said, 'You better stop now'.  Although we were about as open as we could be, I guess this seemed too private to share.  He always stopped when I said that, so I thought we kind of understood the 'rules', though unspoken.


On this night he'd given me my massage first, as he occasionally did.  I'd said, 'You better stop now', when I got to feeling too much excitement, and he did.  Then we switched places, and I gave him his massage.  We were getting better and better at rubbing each other's muscles, because each of us was learning what felt good to him, and would then do that to the other guy, plus we'd try new stuff.

That night, my friend's muscles responded to my touch and he felt very relaxed.  As usual, I had scooted down to rub his thighs.  When I went to work on his penis, I reassumed my position on his thighs as we always did.  As was the norm, I started with my thumbs and fingers kneading up and down his shaft.  I rubbed his balls ever so gently and rubbed the inside of his thighs near them and around the base of his penis.

When I switched to one hand moving up and down on him, I'd have to stop and rub in the precum every twenty or thirty seconds as it kept oozing out the tip.  It was always interesting to look at my friend.  After we'd starting stripping for the massage, I'd noticed both the similarities and differences in our penises.

We were very similar in length, but my dick was slightly thicker.  We both had veins that stuck out, of course, but he had one very prominent one.  Sometimes I could see that vein throb a little with each heartbeat.


So I enjoyed rubbing his penis (though not as much as him rubbing my penis haha), but it was also getting to be a little routine.  A lot of times we talked a lot during the massages-girls, sports, friends, school-but this time he got kind of quiet.

I was rubbing, not paying much mind, when I became aware of his legs tensing up underneath me.  Just a while before he'd felt very relaxed so this kind of got my attention.  As I focused on my friend, I noticed his mouth open slightly as he began to breathe a little faster.

I had been a little embarrassed at always being the one who had to say 'You better stop now', like maybe I shouldn't be getting that excited.  As my friend's chest and stomach began to flush, I was thinking, 'Hey, he's getting pretty into this; for the first time he's going to have to tell me to stop'.

About that time, I felt his hips rising against me slightly, lifting his penis toward the ceiling.  A moment later I couldn't believe what happened.  Before I realized anything, his dick throbbed hard within my closed fist, then relaxed just as quickly.  With a second contraction, semen shot out, landing in and around his belly button.  With each following contraction, I felt the warm fluid running over my fingers.


It came as a shock to me and, frankly, it felt gross to have another guys stuff on my hand.  Part of me wanted to say, 'Ew!' and let go.  Instead, I did what I'd want done to me, and continued stroking until my friend's contractions had completely stopped and the hardness of his erection had started to wane.  I grabbed some kleenex off my headboard, and wiped up his stomach as well my hands and his dick.


I realized my heart was beating faster than normal, and my muscles felt all nervous, even a little shaky.  I hadn't expected that from him at all, but I knew how good it felt when I was getting rubbed, so I couldn't really blame him.  I never imagined that would happen, but after I cleaned him up, I heard my voice saying, 'That was awesome.  Now do me!'


I laid down for my second massage of the night.  As I was lying there, getting my back rubbed, then my butt, now it was my turn to be quiet.  Not long ago we'd been talking non-stop, now I couldn't think of anything to say.

As he was rubbing my calves and thighs, I wasn't sure I wanted to do this.  I was afraid to, but afraid to stop too.

When he lifted up and told me to roll over, I hesitated for a moment, but then I complied.  It felt like the first time he'd ever seen me erect.  The anticipation of what was about to happen made my dick feel like it was going to burst right out of my skin.  I'd never been so big and hard.


I still wasn't sure if I could go through with this, but mercifully he moved pretty quickly through the other parts of the massage.  Before I knew it, he was rubbing my hip bones, closing in on my penis.  When his fingers touched it, my dick jumped with longing.

As he massaged, then began to stroke, I thought, 'Is this really happening?'  As the pleasure in my loins began to expand, I knew this was about as far as I'd let it get before, but this time I didn't say 'stop'.

As I allowed him to proceed, my legs began to tighten and I was breathing faster.  It was embarrassing to have him see me this way.  What had always been private was now being viewed by somebody else.  Even though I told myself I'd just seen him orgasm, so it was ok, it was different when it was me.  I wondered if he'd laugh or make fun of me.

I was already more expressive at the beginning stages than he'd been at orgasm.  I was trying to be still, but as I felt the increasing pleasure, my thighs and buttocks were contracting.  He was sitting on my thighs holding me down, even as my genitals pushed upward, my legs rising against him.


My balls got super tight against my body, his hand brushing against them with every downstroke.  I'd had my eyes closed, but I opened them to look at my friend to see his expression.  My face flushed red as I saw him looking back at me and staring at my body's response to his continued stroking, my stomach rising and falling rapidly trying to get my breath.

Part of me wanted to yell 'stop' but part of me wanted to yell 'faster, more' too.  Instead, I just threw my head back as I felt a wave of pleasure rise in my dick, then slowly subside.  Then another one, slightly stronger, lasting just a moment more.

I looked again, this time not at my friend-I couldn't, I was too embarassed - but at his hand moving up and down.  Was that actually my dick?!?  It looked more manlike than I'd ever seen it.  He didn't hurt me, but he wasn't gentle either.  As wave after wave of pleasure went through me, he stroked faster and harder.


As each wave of ecstasy came, it was like it got higher and higher in my dick-like a cartoon thermometer.  It seemed like it lasted forever, helpless as I lay there, with my best friend controlling me.  At the same time, it couldn't have lasted more than a couple minutes because it had never felt so good when I was jacking off myself.

When the next tide of ecstasy rose, I thought 'Oh no, I'm going to come'-still embarrassed.  The head of my penis swelled up so huge I thought it was going to bust open like that cartoon thermometer haha.  Then the feeling subsided for a moment, only to rise again.  'Here it is!  Here it is!' I yelled inside my head, as I held my breath, but it went down again.

My chest heaved as I gasped for air, as the pleasure rose once more.  At this point I wasn't thinking 'Oh no!'.  For the moment I'd forgotten completely about my friend.  Instead I was yearning for relief, crying out in my mind, 'Please, please ...oh, oh!'


This final wave pushed me over the edge.  I felt my dick throb hard against my friend's hand, but he didn't loosen his grip.  I couldn't believe this was happening.  My penis relaxed for half a second, then my body shook underneath him as a second, harder contraction sent me spewing onto my stomach.

As I kept coming and coming, I felt the hot semen dripping on to my abdomen and looked to see juice running down my friend's fingers this time around.

With a sudden awareness that I was not alone, I thought, 'Oh my gosh-my friend.'  I'd felt completely focused on me for a moment.  As my breathing slowly returned to normal, my sense of embarrassment returned.  I felt so vulnerable.  I wondered if we'd ever be able to talk to each other again.


He cleaned me up with some kleenex as I relaxed for a moment.  I couldn't think of anything to say, and wondered what he would say.  I had nothing to worry about about, though.  His dick was now as rigid as mine had been a moment ago, and the first thing he said was, 'Let's do it again.'  Just what I wanted to hear!


We did, and it remained a little awkward the first few times, but that didn't stop either of us.  Pretty soon we were back to talking while we did it-except when it got to the point of no return.  Just as we had gotten better, with practice, at massage, we got better at jacking each other off too.

Even though he was more reserved than me during orgasm, we both learned to relax and let go more.  I learned to read the more subtle signs of his arousal and impending orgasm.  We learned what it took to get the other guy's dick off quickly, and-even better-how to drag the other guy's orgasm out.

We learned to laugh together at the way each of us would squirm or moan as the other guy brought him to the edge then backed off, doing this two or three more times before finally allowing his throbbing dick to finish its business.

Although we jacked each other simultaneously a few times, taking turns what what I liked best. Each of us got a good half hour to forty-five minutes of massage before his first messy ejaculation. Even better was the fact that by taking turns, I got to experience his orgasm and mine.

As I watched his chest and cheeks begin to flush, my heartrate would quicken too. As he would let out a little gasp when I'd slide my precum covered thumb back and forth through his slit, my penis head would ooze as well. As his stomach began to rise and fall quickly, and thigh & buttocks muscles began to contract and relax, contract and relax, I knew exactly what he was feeling because I'd felt it myself so many times. When his balls would draw up tight and my best friend was starting to whimper a little I knew he was almost there-and I knew I could speed up and finish him in the next ten or fifteen seconds, or I could slow down and draw out his misery/ecstasy.

When the head of his dick would swell another 30 or 40% percent beyond its already engorged size I knew he was at the point of no return. As he pushed his hips upward against my weight and I would feel his shaft pulsating against my firm fist, I felt like I was coming with him. If I'd already been jacked off, I was remembering those same pulses of pleasure. If my turn was to follow, I'd look forward to how tremendous it would feel when my own penis was gushing semen like my friend's was at this moment.

After the second guy came at the end of the massage, the first guy was ready to be jerked again, and so on, at least three times apiece, sometimes six or seven.

It was a lot of fun.  We did it countless times over several years.  As we got cars, we didn't spend the night as much and were busy with dating.  Every now and then, we'd still give each other a handjob, but it got less and less frequent and it seemed like we both got uncomfortable with it.

We both grew up straight, as did about five other friends I did it with.  But none of them as frequently or as comfortably as with my best friend-the one that 'accidentally' forgot to say stop one time.



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