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Accidental First Orgasm

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This is the story about how I first discovered how to cum


I had been fascinated with my penis since I was very young. I wanted to learn everything I could about penises, and my parents had some medical encyclopedias that I started browsing through. These encyclopedias were from the 1960s, so the information was a little bit censored; by that, I mean there are no photos, just lousy line drawings and simple illustrations.

I read about circumcision and was shocked to learn that they cut the foreskin off boys' penises. Since the book didn't go into great detail, I (incorrectly) came to the conclusion that the foreskin is what we know as the glans, or penis head. It seemed strange to me that someone would want to remove that. I read that the reason circumcision was performed was to prevent penile cancer and to keep the penis clean, free from smegma. I wasn't worried about cancer, but I was worried about smegma because it sounded so bad and I didn't want to be circumcised (I was already circumcised, as I would find out later on).

The book said it was important to clean the foreskin and I got the idea that I'd wash my penis every time I went to the bathroom. I initially did this by climbing up on the sink and running my penis under the faucet, but this proved difficult sometimes. I could only do this in one of the bathrooms in the house, because the other bathroom had a sink that was attached to the wall and wouldn't have supported my full weight. Therefore, my cleaning evolved into using soap and water, rubbing myself while sitting on the toilet backwards. I did this for a while and it started feeling good. I had been playing with myself for a few years already, but it never felt like this before.

I kept it up and eventually a little bit of white liquid oozed from the tip and I got really worried. After reading about venereal diseases in the encyclopedia, I again wrongly concluded this was pus (I had no idea what semen was). I vowed not to do that again; however, it felt so good that it was not long before I did it again. I eventually read more and learned what was really happening, and I was relieved that I didn't have a disease.

When I was in the fifth grade, the school gave us a quick sex-ed course, giving us a book about puberty and it showed a line drawing cross-section of the male reproductive organs. It made no mention of what a foreskin was. It wasn't until I was in high school that I finally saw what a foreskin was supposed to look like, as I was reading a book on sex at the library and they had a crude line drawing showing the difference between a cut and uncut penis. I did more research and the first photographs I saw of a foreskin was in a health book in a chapter about STDs. It was then I realized that it was the glans that I was looking at when I masturbated.

So it was my ignorance about my anatomy and circumcision that lead me to have my first orgasm.



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