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Accidental Ejaculation

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I entered high school at the age of 14 and because I had been a good runner, tried out for the track team. Having made the team, we all had to have a physical before the coach would allow us to compete. Our physical was set up with a doctor the school board hired to go around to the schools and do them. At this point in my life I had always had a male doctor. When it was my turn I went down to the nurses office and went in. To my surprise it was a woman doctor. My heart started to beat a little heavier not knowing what to expect. She was older, but not sure at what age she actually was, but she looked about my mothers age.

She started with the usual things, asking me about my childhood and any illnesses I had had. She was wearing a white blouse that buttoned up the front, and a black skirt that flared out from the waist. She was also wearing a white doctor coat. I could smell her perfume when she got up close to my face to check my ears and eyes with the light probe.

After checking my eyes, ears and throat she told me to lay down on the nurses couch. It was a low leather couch with a pillow at one end. She sat down in an office chair at the desk and started to write something down. I was eye level with her legs at this point. My teenage hormones started to rush. She turned back to me and wheeled over to the couch. Her knees were very close to my face. She then started to undo my jeans! She indicated that she needed to inspect my penis and testicles. My heart really started to pound at this point. Once she had my jeans undone she slid them down to my knees. My cock started to get hard! I couldn't stop it at this point. When I looked back over I could see part way up her skirt. She had great legs. She then proceeded to slide my underwear off and down to my knees as well. It was a warm September day and there was a stand up fan blowing in the corner and that was all that was needed to make my cock stand straight up.

At this point she rolled in her chair back over to the desk and wrote something else down. When she rolled back her legs were slightly apart. I could see right up to her panties. My cock started to throb. She reached down between my legs and cupped my scrotum and testicles in her hand. She wasn't wearing gloves and the warmth of her skin was amazing. She started to feel each testicle rolling them over in her fingers. My cock was pulsing with each heart beat. Nothing was said as my embarrassment of the erection must have been showing on my face. After examining my testicles she took my erect penis in her hand and started to pull back my foreskin. That was more than I could stand. As the breeze from the fan hit the exposed tip of my cock, I spurted. Three short shots of white cum. I tried not to let it happen, but it mostly landed on her hand.

At this point she said 'Oh my' and hung on to my cock until I finished. She smiled at me and said 'Not to worry that sometimes happens'. She then rolled over to the counter and got a box of tissues and held it out so I could take some. She then went to the sink and washed her hands.

Well that was my first examination by a female doctor. I still masturbate to that experience and think of how professionally the doctor handled my accidental ejaculation.



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