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Accidental Discovery

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I first discovered orgasm by accident. Being a curious boy, I was playing with my ass one day when I was about 8 years old and I so I inserted my finger into my ass, accidentally touching my male g-spot and I had an orgasm with some jell-like liquid coming out of my cock head, thus I felt really good in my pelvis region for couple seconds, but I never knew what it was and have never tried to repeat it. These days, I'm happily married, but I still do masturbation sometimes when I'm horny enough to do so. If I need a quickie, I would squeeze my PC muscle really tight/hard and do it really fast, I would have an orgasm within a minute or so if not sooner. Usually this kind of fast orgasm doesn't feel that intense nor deep. If I want an intense orgasm, I would spend time touching my cock, milking it and making it oozes out pre-cum. I always come really fast and I think I'm having problem with coming too fast no matter what I try to prolong it. I remember one time when I was watching a porn movie, my cock got really hard and without even touching it, I had an intense orgasm, which I can never duplicate it since. Weird.
Sometimes when or if I want, I can put up a mirror and position my ass against the mirror so that when I come, I can see my rectum muscle making waves after waves of contraction. That really is a thrill. My wife doesn't know that I masturbate and I know she doesn't like sex that much so I am not going to tell her. But when I'm lucky, she lets me watch her pussy when she comes and so I can see her PC muscle making waves after waves of contraction just like mine. It's so neat. I heard that a lot of women when they orgasm, their pussies don't make any wave of contraction, they just feel good in their pelvis, that's all. I would like to have a poll to see how many women's pussy can make waves after wave of contraction when they orgasm.
If I am making love to my wife, I would come in a minute or so then be done with it. So since I can never really spend the necessary time to make my wife come with me because it takes longer for her to come, I would usually masturbate her until she is ready, then mount her, making her come and have my come later when hers is done. Sometimes if I can, I would time hers and mine so both of us come at the same time. She is not really into sex. She is very shy of making any noise or sound of pleasure. She is all quiet, which I don't like but would never be able to make her make noise so I stop. About I'm not lasting long before coming, I think I will try some numbing application, like those that they sell for toothaches. Maybe if I apply it on my cock making it less sensitive to touch, I may last longer.
In the mean time, hope you had a great reading.



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