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About 4 Am or So

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I look something like a young Hugh Jackman, and she looks like Mason Riley.


My girl Kate and I go at it fairly regularly. She just turned 19, is of Spanish decent [European, not Latin], about 5'1' and about 115 lbs. She has a luxuriously curvy body and perfect C cups; with tan, quarter-sized nipples that just beg to be pinched and sucked on.

This particular night we were over at her best friend's house. It was a pretty relaxed evening, we watched some movies and listened to some music. Her friend went to sleep around 2:30 or 3, and me and Kate wrapped ourselves up in a blanket and fell asleep on the couch.

I felt a stir around 4 am. Kate had manouvered in her sleep, and her legs were wrapped around my hips. I am always naturally a bit turned on right when I wake up, but seeing my girl like that had me hard in no time. I ran my hand around her hip, up underneath her shirt, and brushed her rib cage. Her skin is incredibly smooth, and I could feel her breathing get a little bit quicker.

I nuzzled her neck, and began giving her little kisses up and down between her collar bone and her jawline, just below her ear. She took a deep breath and let out an 'MMMmmmm..' I gently bit her ear in reply.

I feel a hand snake down my stomach and grab my cock. She gives it a gentle squeeze, enjoying the thickness of this thing she can't even close her hand around. She starts moving up and down, and twisting just below the head, and up and around it.

I'm in heaven, and I give her a kiss. She has the softest full lips, and my tongue dances and swirls with hers. My hands find their way up her shirt. I knead her tits where they meet her ribcage, close around them and drag the pressure across her nipple and squeeze. I can tell she likes this, because her strokes are getting faster. She goes down, squeezes, and pulls up in a twisting motion.. a little faster, and a little faster.

My hands glide down her stomach, across her hips, and over her thighs. I slide up her leg on up to her warm and inviting pussy. I rub her clit in a slow 'Credit Card Swipe'-which starts with the side knckle of my pointer finger, and all up along the side. She writhes in pleasure and lets out a whispery moan.

I turn my hand slightly, keeping the pressure on my pointer and middle fingers and slide back down. Once I find her clit, I wiggle them back and forth over its surface. Her pussy lips and my finger become one velvety pleasure machine.

Pretty soon she can't take it, and she manoeuvers my cock until its in line with her slit. We grind each other mercilessly through our clothes, clutching each other as if we were actually fucking. She grabs my ass, and pulls me towards her as I'm grinding into her, whispering 'Oh yeah, Wil.. Fuck me just like that. You're going to make me cum.'

I just say, 'That's right. You cum for me you bad little girl. Cum for me all over my fucking cock.' She makes the sexiest fuck face and just shudders. Her hand runs up my arms, and she digs her nails in so hard they break my skin. The sight of her face lost in orgasm makes me explode in my pants, in one last, long, blissful grind. We both have little wet spots at the surface.

We had no trouble drifting off to sleep after that, kissing and touching into sand land...



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