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A Young 'Man's' Fantasy

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The whole time growing up I knew I was different. I loved playing dolls with my sisters, and happily let them dress me in their soft cotton dresses. I grew my hair out in eighth grade. I loved the feeling of my hair on my shoulders, playing with it lazily in class. In those years, as I played at home (secretly) in my sisters' panty-hose and dresses; I often got teased a lot at school for being 'gay' and a 'sissy'. But by then I had discovered myself and joys I could bring myself.

I would dream of being a woman often. I was about fourteen when I remember lying in my bed, wearing my sisters' underwear. I could feel my cock hardening in them as I twisted my nipples, dreaming they were breasts. I would close my eyes, picturing myself in a short little dress, my breasts pouring out of the collar. My fingers running over my hairless chest, down my smooth stomach. I get pulled into this fantasy, I feel every inch of my hardening cock as my mind creates images, sounds and smells.

I'm at a club and a gorgeous young guy, blue eyes, sandy brown hair, tight chest and abs, strolls across the room. I smell his cologne as he sweeps in next to me; with one look he sends a chill down my spine. I catch him looking at my voluptuous chest. I feel my cock stir beneath me, pressed tightly between my legs, underneath my red lace panties. He leans in closer, his warm breath makes my nipples harden. He reaches over, his hand deliberately brushing my 38D's. His soft lips graze the curve of my neck and I feel my cock jump. He leans into me, my breasts pressing tightly into his chest as his tongue swirls in my mouth, his hardness poking my leg. Reaching into him I kiss him deeply, slowly running my hands down his chest, I feel his hard cock pressing against my hand, straining against the material. I take his cloth covered cock in my hand and squeeze it as I suck his tongue. His hands reach up to my full breasts, grinding his erection into my body. My cock is fully hard right now! I feel it pulling, straining to stand up, it's so hard now it almost hurts. I wiggle as he grinds his cock rhythmically into me and we passionately kiss.

I can't stand it any longer, my cock needs to be free. I spread my legs apart, my cock springing up I grab his hand. 'Baby, there's something I gotta show you,' I tell him. I take his strong, manly hand and place it on my throbbing bulge. Against my preconceived notions, he doesn't flinch; instead he pulls me into him by my cock, our warm, soft lips pressing tightly together. I open my lips, letting his tongue slide in and out of my mouth as he slowly rubs my hard shaft. His cock twitches in his pants and I take his throbbing manhood into my hands, stroking up and down. Standing here together, my hard cock making a tent in my dress, he grabs my ass tightly, pulling our bodies hard into each other. I feel his erection pressing tightly against mine and we steadily grind into each other as he licks my cleavage. I feel him grab my ass tighter, pressing his tongue into my mouth he kisses me deeply and I feel him begin to tremble. I feel the cum boiling up my throbbing cock. I moan into his ear as his breathing becomes rapid, deep moans escaping his open lips. I feel his pulsing cock spew out his hot, creamy cum, twitching in my hand. My cock begins to jerk wildly and I grab him, pulling him in close, 'ohhhhhh', I moan out as I feel my cum rise up my shaft from my heavy balls. My cockhead becomes a deep purple, swelling greatly as my whole shaft throbs, I feel a warm sensation shoot through my body as my eyes squeeze shut and my cock shoots strand after strand of pearly hot cum..mmmm.

I can remember those nights (and mornings, and afternoons), stroking my rock hard shaft, picturing the most erotic thoughts. Feeling my body twitch and pulsate with such pleasure I'd never known before. I still always have the best orgasms with my hand and my imagination.

Now, I'm 23 and finally have the breasts I've always wanted! Though I live my life as a woman, I can't give up my cock. I love it so, and all the pleasures it has brought me over the years.



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