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A Word on Naturism

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My parents were naturists, but as I grew up, I learned what that actually means. The various clubs we visited were, outwardly, respectable places where people just didn't wear clothes. But when I got old enough to be interested and to be of interest I soon discovered the reality...and yes...all the clubs were members of the British Naturist Society.


They would sunbathe, play mini tennis, swim, talk and socialise. Then, couples might wander off into the woods around the main green. I was 15 when I realised that the pairs that wandered off were not always husband and wife. Mixed pairs, single sex pairs, even older people with teenagers.

So, I mulled this over for quite a while and just watched and saw what was going on. Then, one day, I followed a pair. It was a married guy, his wife and another woman. I followed carefully. It was long before my ears guided me to where they were. They were having a threesome. I squatted under cover of the foliage, watched them fuck and masturbated, having a very satisfying cum on the woodland floor. From then on, the patterns of what people did leaped out at me, I even learned the little hand signals they gave each other.

While sex and sexual activity were strictly banned according to club rules, in practice, that only meant out in the open. A certain hand sign and a pair would go into a cabin....another and off into the woods...still another and the sauna opened its steamy arms.

But for me, still a virgin at the time, but very, VERY ready for some exploration, well I wanted in, and mum noticed! One weekend, when I was eighteen, as soon as we got our little cabin ready, dad went out leaving us alone. Mum told me outright what swinging was, that these clubs largely existed to keep single males out, and provide those who were into 'the lifestyle' with a safe means of engagement. She also said that at 18 I was free to make my own choices...just don't get pregnant! No chance. I knew I didn't want full sex.

But that wonderful summer, I learned so much. I masturbated others, and they masturbated me, I experienced a huge amount of pleasure, both with men and women, my age, and much, much older.

I know that the moment anyone mentions this, some anal retentive will get on the comments page and trumpet on about that's not naturism...well...it is! Think about it. No way is exposure to the sun 'good for you'. Plenty of science around that. It is purely exposure of your body to strangers. And I love it. Lying there, knowing people are checking me out...thinking about what they are thinking about doing to me...mmmm. What, you think that's not horny? I spend all my time there wet and aroused. Men sport semis all the time, though full erections are frowned on.

So get over it. Naturism is swinging....certainly no scientific benefit from sun bathing.

Best experience? Well that would have to be when I went into the woods with a married guy. His fingers gave me such intense orgasms that I actually wet myself..he didn't seem to mind. He was also the first man that I made cum... I remember my fingers around his cock, jacking him...and that moment when he spurted on my face, my small breasts and tummy. I never felt more powerful in my life! First girl/girl? That happened by accident. Another girl my age and I got scorched out and went off for a shower together. We talked, she had seen what I had seen, although she had gone all the way with people there...in the shower she said that she needed to pee...and promptly did...all over my leg! Far from being annoyed, I was giggly, and grabbed her and returned the favour! Then, we'll we were kissing and masturbating each other. It was nice, but not like with a guy..I mean... I would, he'll sometimes I do go with a girl, but I prefer a nice hard cock in my hands, or between my ass cheeks.

I am 19 now, and I have decided that I am ready. I already know who the lucky man will be. I want someone who will initiate me into full sex carefully and gently. I can't let you know about it here though, but wish me luck!



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