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A Wonderful Time

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I grew up in a very rural area in the deep South during the 1940's. For those of you that remember that time you will remember that people of different races did not mix socially. We were the only white family in the immediate area. The closest white family was probably five miles away. There were several black families living around us. All were small farmers as were we. My dad would help our black neighbors when they needed help and he knew he could expect the same from them. A lot of things, like killing hogs, was done together. All the men would meet at one house and do it together. All of us kids played together when we were growing up. We didn't realize we were any different other than the color of our skin. We just went to different schools and different churches and we did not socialize together. As a kid I didn't know to question it because that is just the way it was.

I had been masturbating for a few years but other than that there was no sex. As I got older I began to notice this particular black girl who lived just down the road from us. One day I asked if she would go out with me. Her reply was, 'You know we can't do that. Our parents would kill us.' Knowing she was right I started hanging around her more and more. Living in a rural area it was easy. All we had to do was meet somewhere and head for the woods. We had found us this little place where no one would ever find us.

In that spot we learned pretty much everything there was to know about sex. We did a lot of exploring of each other's bodies, a lot of kissing and feeling and masturbating. Mary's pussy was the first pussy I ever saw. Her's was the first I ever touched. My dick was the first one Mary ever saw and touched. During school if the weather was not too cold we would meet at our little secret place. During the summer months when we were out of school it was almost non stop orgasms and cumming. It was the smell and taste of Mary's pussy that made me realize what the smell and taste of a pussy does to me. It turns me on like nothing else. I once told Mary if we had a dollar for every time I made her cum or she made me cum, we would both be very rich.

I can still close my eyes and picture Mary with her hand around my dick jacking me and waiting eagerly for me to shoot my cum all over her body. I can still picture Mary's hairy pussy with the pink lips opened up and pussy juice dripping out. Mary had the most beautiful tits I have ever seen on a woman. Big firm tits with huge nipples that stood erect when she was hot. She also had a big clit to match her nipples that would stick out at least an inch once she was excited. I expect I flicked her clit with my fingers thousands of times. I remember us swimming together in a local creek and rubbing out bodies together, always totally naked. I remember her reaching under the water and jacking me off and watching my cum float to the top of the water. We knew each other's bodies better than we knew our own.

Eventually we both married and went our seperate ways. Mary now lives across the country from me. I still live near where we used to play together and occasionally I will go to our little hiding place. My dick still gets hard when I think of all we did. The other day we had a warm day do I visited the place and sat down and pulled my dick out as I thought about Mary. It didn't take long until my dick was hard so I jacked off while picturing Mary lying there on the leaves naked with her legs spread playing with her pussy. I also wonder if she ever thinks about us when we were young. I regret that times were like they were, that kept Mary and me apart. What I wouldn't give to look at her pussy today. As I closed my eyes I thought I could still smell Mary's pussy.



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