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A Wonderful Evening, Worshipping my Wife and her Body

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A fun night alone with the Wife


So as my wife and I were having a rare evening alone at home last night we thought we would relax and have some nice loud mind blowing sex, since we normally have to be quiet due to our house is full of teenagers most of the time.

We started by just hanging out in the living room and watching TV. After we were both nice and relaxed we both decided to shower together first, we find that a nice warm shower before bedtime fun helps get us in the mood, and for both of us to feel clean enough that anything goes. Being naked together and rubbing each other down with slippery hands doesn't hurt either.

I stood behind Rachel and slid my soapy hands slowly up and down her body, sliding my fingers up and over her pert erect B cup breasts. I keep my fingers wide when I do this so each finger slides over her large hard nipple and makes her moan with pleasure at the subtle nipple attention this gives. Her body melts into mine and her beautiful large round ass slides over my thighs and cock. She loves to slide her ass up and down my cock as we shower teasing me for what is sure to come later. I let her do this as I slowly slide my hands down and cup her pussy. She is partially shaved with a perfect neat little triangle of pubic hair above her pronounced clit. I slid my fingers through this short soft triangle of hair and slid one finger down each side of her quickly enlarging clit. Her clit is very very sensitive and I cannot stimulate it directly until she has had a lot of foreplay, but she loves her pussy to be touched and held like this, she can come from just this stimulation alone so I have to be careful or our night will get started way too fast.

After much more washing and rubbing and soft sexy whispering I left her in the shower to finish up her leg shaving but first leaned back into the shower and quietly told her to make sure to wash her asshole very well as I though it needed some attention from my tongue once we were in bed.

We retired to our bed and started our fun out with me rubbing Rachel's back and massaging her shoulders. She was laying on her side with her back to me and her amazing ass arched back towards me. I slowly ran my hands from the top of her head all the way down the back of her knees back and forth being sure to stop for a few seconds and massage her ass on each pass. There are no words to describe how amazing my wife's ass is, all I can say is that I am hooked, no other ass matters. I start to kiss the back of her neck and her shoulders, this drives her wild and I can feel her press her body back against me as I do this. I whisper how much I love her and how sexy she is into her ear between kisses. This makes her press back against me even harder, my now hard cock presses up against her ass cheeks and slides down across her asshole and over her pussy. I can feel her heat on my cock as it does.

I slide my cock out of her cheeks and lean back a bit to take in all of her beautiful body and slowly stroke my cock while I do. She looks back over her shoulder and watches me stroke myself while she plays with her breasts and pinches and pulls on her nipples. My cock is leaking large amounts of pre-cum now and I am happily using it to stroke myself. Not wanting to get too focused on myself, I let my cock go and start kissing my way down her back toward her ass. I kiss my way down to her ass crack and gently part her gorgeous ass with both hands. The view when I do is downright amazing, her pussy is beautiful, small perfect lips with a large prominent clitoris poking out of her lips at the top. Her wetness is already dripping from her pussy onto her thighs in anticipation of what is to come. Her cute pink asshole is calling to me, so I dive right in. She loves to have her asshole licked, she can come from this alone if I let her.

I moved her into a better position, on her hands and knees so that she can push up her ass and offer up her pussy and asshole to me. I approach her from the side, spreading her cheeks with my left hand so I can tongue fuck and eat her asshole, while leaving my right hand free to explore her pussy and clit. She is going wild from the ass attention and I can tell that she is ready for some pussy play to go with it. I take my thumb on my right hand and after lubing it up with her wetness I slowly slide it into her pussy while I'm still eating her ass. I then take the other four fingers of my right hand and cup her pussy from behind and place two fingers on either side of her clit. This allows me to both fuck her with my thumb and stroke and stimulate her clit at the same time as I am eating her asshole. This as I'm sure you can imagine drives her completely over the edge and I can tell that not only is she going to cum soon, she is going to cum HARD.

I can feel her body start to respond to all of the attention, she is arching her back and thrusting back onto my thumb and my tongue. I start to circle her asshole with my tongue and both rub her clit in a circular motion and stimulate her G spot with my thumb. As I feel her orgasm approach since I am holding her in that position from the side I was able to take her weight and she was then able to pull her legs up off the bed and be held up by my hand on/in her pussy as she came hard several times. She then collapsed on the bed and rolled over with the most satisfied look on her face I had seen in a long time. She lay on her back with her knees spread and that beautiful pussy was pulsing with the after orgasm contractions and dripping wetness. I started to stroke my cock and just enjoy her post orgasm bliss. Soon enough she was ready for more and that is a whole other story in itself but probably not for this site. Masturbation is always part of our sex and there are so many fun and interesting ways to include it in your sex life, masturbate each other more often.



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