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A Wild Night

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Now, this was my wildest and most exciting night ever, and I hope you will post comments because it is my first story, though not my last! I am horny from just writing it.

Now, I have a friend called Tim, and we have always really got on, and have a good laugh. He is 6'1', blonde, good-looking (in a non-gay way), fit (with a six-pack), and very slim. He has a girlfriend called Hannah, who is very pretty. Now, I went over to his house quite a lot, and this night (a few weeks ago), I went over to stay the night. We were in his bedroom, and chatting about girls, school, music, sex, and everything, just like teens do. We were talking about the fittest girls in our year, and which had the nicest tits, and asses etc. I was getting really turned-on just thinking about them, and my dick began to grow hard. I didn't want Tim to see the bulge in my boxers, so I tried to hide it. It was only about 8:00pm, but we decided to get into bed, and talk, or maybe watch a movie.

Tim said Hannah may be over later. I went into the bathroom to change, and when I came back in the room, Tim was in the middle of changing, and I saw him naked. He gave a little shout, and quickly covered his cock, with his hand. I quickly apologised, and left, feeling really embarrassed. However. it made me quite excited, and I was instantly hard again. Seeing his rock hard body, his six-pack, and a quick flash of his cock was enough to get me horny, and I started to rub my hard-on, which had grown to seven inches.

I kept it in my boxers, but gently massaged the head, which felt fucking fantastic. I was just getting into it when I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I jumped suddenly. It was Tim. 'Enjoying yourself', he whispered softly. I turned round to say sorry, and I saw him, absolutely naked, with an eight-inch boner, throbbing, and sticking out like a tent pole. He looked at me, who was staring open-mouthed at his magnificent body. 'Fuck, I want you to touch me,' he gasped. Two minutes later, I was on top of him on his bed, and we were like animals. We were feeling each other as we snogged away, and stuck our tongues down each other's throats. Our hands were running all over each other, until I licked his nipples, and down his chest, all down his stomach, and grabbed his cock in my hand.

He whimpered, and grabbed the bedsheets, looking at me in the eyes, and breathing heavily. I picked up his legs, and threw them over my shoulders. 'It's true what they say. Big feet, big dick', I said to him, and started to jack him off. He moaned and grunted, as I increased my speed, and caressed his balls and beautiful ass with the other hand. He called out my name, and began to rub his own nipples, whilst his large feet dug into my back with the waves of pleasure going through his body. I wanked him harder, whilst pinching his big purple head, which drove him wild, and he groaned in ecstasy, as his eyes rolled in his head, and he held the bedhead as tight as he could.

'Fuck, I want you. Keep going. I'm nearly there,' he shouted. Then, all of a sudden, the doorbell rang, and shocked us both. 'Fucking hell. Leave them, don't answer it, just make me cum', he said, rubbing his own humongous cock furiously. 'It'll be Hannah', I said. So, he let his girlfriend in, and I decided to go home at 11:00pm. He was really disappointed that he did not cum, but I expect Hannah gave him a handjob after I went anyway. I wanted to cum desperately, but walked home. Luckily, I had my own key, but my parents thought I was at Tim's, so they didn't know I was home. As I crept up to my room, I grabbed a porn movie from my collection in the cellar, and thought I would finish myself off. I jacked off quickly and because I was so horny, I came so hard there were seven ropes of cum on the floor, and I have never had such a great orgasm before. It was the wildest and sexiest night of my life. There will be more to come, because I am sleeping over at Tim's tomorrow, and Hannah has suggested that she comes over, and teaches us how to...well...I'll explain in a few days, but I am really looking forward to it. If you want to hear what happens, please post comments on this site. Solo Touch rocks!!! Happy Jacking and Jilling!!! I'm off to relieve myself



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