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A Weird Couple

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Early in our relationship, we let each other know what we really like.


I'll tell you all about our weird masturbation life in a second. First a paragraph of background:

My wife and I have been together for 32 years so far. We never argue. I know that, in itself, is weird, but there's more to our weirdness than just that. They say that never arguing is a sign of something wrong in a relationship, but if that's so, we still have to figure out just what is wrong. You see, we have learned to honor and respect each other. We are missing nothing. We love, we like, and we live peacefully and happily with each other.

It started one evening in the first year of our relationship. She said she didn't want to fuck that evening. She wanted to see me masturbate, and she wanted me to see her masturbate.

That was interesting! I was all for it, although just a bit shy at first. It actually seemed naughtier than all the other things we had done, you know, regular and not-so-regular sexual activities that I can't mention here.

That evolved into masturbating anywhere in the house (or on trips, anywhere at the campsite or motel room) any time we wanted. It was more me than her. Oh, she enjoyed her orgasms, but not as often as I did. I found it very freeing to just start stroking while we were watching a movie or reading books, for instance.

And of course we masturbated each other. I learned exactly what pleases her. For instance, she likes it when I bring her to the very edge of orgasm, but don't let her over the top. This will go on perhaps three or four times during an hour, then finally, despite my best efforts, she has a major, crashing orgasm.

I have heard that women can have several orgasms in a row, but not my wife, not usually, anyway. In that respect, she is more like a man. She has one big one, and that's it.

I, on the other hand, have become more like a woman in that way. She learned to bring me to the edge but not over the edge also. In fact, she delights in it. To my great fortune, she can spend an hour or two edging me. She loves it, and I love it. We have practiced and fine tuned it to the point where I actually have several orgasms, but no ejaculations.

We do have to communicate. She is not a mind reader, so I have to tell her when I'm getting too close. She stops rubbing, touching, or whatever she is doing for a moment, I have my orgasm, then she continues. Sometimes we reach the end of the session and I don't cum. Other times, I cum accidentally, even though I tried to hold back. Sometimes, I just let it out, the old-fashioned way.

During the past few years, her interest in sex has declined. I mean, she doesn't want to have any sort of sex, and doesn't really even want me to masturbate her. She says she is fine with that, yet she has mentioned thinking about hormone replacement therapy a time or two. Still, she very much enjoys masturbating me. And I am fine with that. As long as she is happy, I am very, very happy.

For instance, earlier this morning, she had me hop up on the massage table. She coated my equipment with coconut oil, and went to work. First a slow, gentle, yet amazing testicle massage. Then she stroked me to the point of orgasm, but no ejaculation. Then she held my dick with one hand while rubbing the very tip with the palm of her other hand. I love that! It is a kind of torture that makes one really want to squirm, yet one doesn't want it to shop. When she notices the sensation diminishing, she changes her grip a bit, presses down harder or lighter, and keeps me squirming. This morning while she was doing that, I accidentally went over the top, and squirted cum on her hands as she was 'squirming' me.

My wish is that you find a mate as compatible as I have found, and have as many wonderful years as we have had.



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